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moving from FEC to Taxotere

No. of entries: 6 | Posted on 25 Aug 2013 2:37 PM

moving from FEC to Taxotere

  • I have my last FEC on 4 September ... then I gear up for the Taxotere.  I read on here that hair starts growing back with the Tax., but on various side effect websites, I read that Taxotere causes total hair loss.  I've lost most of the hair on my head (despite using cold caps) but still have eyebrows, eyelashes, hair on my arms (underarm and leg hair didn't grow back after I shaved it - useful!)  Is it possible I won't lose my eyebrows?

    Nearly half way through the chemo now ...


    PS I am studying (by distance learning) and was supposed to submit my research proposal next week but have instead spent the summer feeling sorry for myself and crying.  How tired does the taxotere make you feel?  Will I be able to study while doing the treatment?  I intend to stay off work as long as possible but need something to keep my mind occupied.  Also my children will be at school (another obstacle to studying during the holidays)

  • Hi Canton,


    I didn't have any FEC so can't compare it to Tax, but I did have 6 sessions of Tax, which finished in July. I still have my eyebrows and lashes, fully intact. I shaved my head to a number one cut before I started, and never went totally bald. It did shed, leaving me with some hair and some bald patches, but each individual hair was separated by scalp! The individual hairs started growing again about cycle 4. So don't despair, you may not lose your brows and lashes.


    I'm afraid Tax does make you tired, lethargic, and can give you heavy legs. I am now 5 weeks post chemo but still can't walk very far without having to sit down. As you can sit to do your studies you should be OK most days. I was always fine sitting down and felt well. It was just mobility with me, but everyone is different.


    Good luck with the Tax and with your studies xxx

  • Hi Canton

    I had 6 cycles of FEC last year and am currently having 6 Taxotere (Just had No 4).

    For me with FEC I lost all hair lashes, eyebrows everything. Like you I had read I would loose It again with the new chemo, however I haven't......mad, as I got my hair shaved off as I didn't want to go through that trauma again only to discover I probably didn't need to!

    In terms of tiredness etc, they are quite similar the main differences are with Tax bloods tend to fall the 1st weekend after treatment with FEC its the 2nd weekend.

    What I am struggling with Is the Injection 24hrs after treatment to help protect against Infection, dont know If everyone Is the same (or even gets this jab), but Im getting a lot of bone pain with that, It can be a challenge at times, however this should not keep you from your studies.

    Good Luck with everything

    Nicola x

  • Hi Nicola and Lindy,

    Thanks for your replies.  It's interesting how differently these drugs affect us isn't it?  I'm not bald from the FEC but I had to cut most of my hair off as it was matting together.  Now I have short old man style (i.e. v thin) hair so I don't go out without covering my head.  Brows and lashes have thinned but not fallen out altogether (same with pubes!)

    Not looking forward to swelling up on the steroids, perhaps I can avoid that too?!

    Bonne courage everyone,


  • It Is that.

    Just keep thinking....SHORT TERM PAIN FOR LONG TERM GAIN!

    Iv got a big round face, bald head and look like my dad, but I wont always look like this, by this time next year Im planning to be a supermodel again ha ha.

    Keep positive

    Nicola x

  • ha ha!  I'll bear that in mind!