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Can't believe he said that.

No. of entries: 8 | Posted on 9 Apr 2013 3:20 PM

Can't believe he said that.

  • Hi. Just to recap I had R Mx last November and L reduction. After the op they found that the cancer was also in the other breast and also in the skin under my R breast. Had scans and discovered mets on spine and scull. Also have Shadows in tissue around my abdomen..........anyway am now on LETROZOLE and they tell me that the tumour markers in my blood are falling.....a good sign.....can't be cured but can be treated................. Tomorrow I am going in for a bilateral Mx....left breast removed and temporary implant removed from right and 'saved' skin removed.....I have decided not to have any I went for my pre- op assessment, the nurse was lovely, same one as I saw before my last op.........but the doctor did an examination. He looked about 16, He listened to my chest, felt my tummy, did that tapping thing on my back, checked with the nurse re blood pressure etc. and then said. "Perfect...there's nothing much wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!! After he'd gone the nurse looked at me for a reaction and we both ended up laughing......surely that must be up there with the daftest things people have said.........
  • Doesn't it give you faith in the system?!  OMG I would have battered him!!!  Silly silly man!  Luckily you could both laugh about it!

    But obviously someone who didn't know you AND didn't read your notes!

  • Hi  Lynn,  Hey, I know him,  he misled you, he's not a Doctor, that's Richard Head ( known to his colleagues as Dick )  He wouldn't have understood your notes anyway, he's usually in charge of the tea trolley  :-)
    Like Missy Mole said it's great when you can all laugh about it, you don't find much to giggle about while going through treatment.  Does make you scratch your head and wonder about the NHS sometimes eh ?
    Best wishes, George & Jackie.

  • Hi Lynnq

    Once when I went for a check up after my mx on my left breast, it was a woman DR she told me to stand up she stepped back to look at me and said " isn`t that beautiful don`t you think"  I said no I don`t think it is beautiful, oh she said I do.

    And that was a woman Dr!!

    There are some idiots out there pretending they know what they are talking about, I think some of them make it up as they go along.

    It was good the nurse who was there had a sense of hummer.

    Jeniren x

  • OMG! There are too many of these twelve-year-old doctors out there... and yes, they may have medical qualifications but a bedside manner?... I don't think so! Being serious for  moment, do you think you have grounds for a complaint? A little slap on the wrist for this idiot might bring him down to size. If you do want to take it further, contact the PALS (patient liasion service) which should have an office in the hospital.

    Best wishes


  • The nurse was very good. I have the feeling that she may say something, but of course she didn't 't say anything to me. She seemed to wait for my reaction and then took her cue from that. My surgeon is very nice as well so I just might say something to him tomorrow. I was more surprised than amused but I realise that it could have been very upsetting for some and maybe for me as well at another time.
  • I think the problem is that someone who isn't as on the ball as you could go away thinking that everything is ok and not go back for future appointments.  I think something should be put in writing if only to protect the less able.

  • I'm so glad your not worrying about this and was able to laugh. The nurse would definitely have pulled him up! Think he just needs to find how to use the right words and explain more he probably meant that at the time off the examination there were no worries about your BP etc. but he will know better next time! Take care I've had four different diagnoses so far ( miscommunication was the reason ) I'm laughing now but at the time not so much! X