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FEC questions

No. of entries: 6 | Posted on 15 Feb 2013 7:41 AM

FEC questions

  • I have just done 3 Docetaxel and am due to start FEC next week . The change to the unknown is stretching my poor over loaded brain and I would welcome some FEC information from those who have had it please .
  • Hi,im the other way round....4 fec then 4 docetaxel and im dreading the docetaxel.i found fec ok,a few sicky days after treatment,a few achey joints but thats all.ive just recently had a baby so aches could be due to having a baby on my hip all the time! how did u find docetaxel? 

  • Hi Mother47. I am the oppostie of you, I have had x2 FEC, the 3rd one next Tuesday and am scared of the docetaxel side effects which comes next. FEC has been a real breeze considering the list of side effects you can get. The biggest for me is the tiredness that takes over for 3 or 4 days, I get a horrible taste on and off through the first week then its pretty much back to normal. I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home - my lovely manager grounded me as soon as I told him my diagnosis - and all in all have only missed a total of 1 day if you count the hours I have snatched a nap. My hair started to come out 2 weeks after the first dose but even that has not been as distressing as I thought it would be. I have a wig that I have worn for a total of 2 hours because it made me hot and itchy and gave me a headache from hell and it ended up on the passener seat of my car as soon as I got back in it and not been on my head since! From what I have read, if you can do docetaxel, you can do anything so you go girl, get that cocktail inside ya and let it do its job. Sounds as if you have done fab so far, keep it up x

  • Hi Mother47

    I am the other way round as well 3 FEC and then 3 Docetaxal which I am absoulutely dreading.  I have found FEC ok apart from the sickness for the first 4 days but this is now managed havn't had any other problems and by day 8 I was completely back to my old self and was able to even go to the gym after day 10.

    All the best

    Kiera x

  • Thank you , feel happier !! Docetaxal for me ... No sickness but did take sickness drugs .tiredness for maybe 1 or 2 days. Yucky mouth ,dry and sore ish but easily treated with mouth wash and cleaning teeth every time I ate and chewing gum . Upset tummy easily treated with Imodium ,2 tablets sorted it . Aching joints .. Sorted with 2 series of downtown Abbey and chocolate !! By day 6 normal duties and on cycle 2 it was day 3 ! I found a good meal before hand and lots to drink really helped . Well ladies what ever we are having we are nearly done with chemo . My lump from 32mm to nothing while on docetaxal , so it works xx
  • Docetaxel working for me to. Was 48mm now quarter of size after 2 had another one now so one to go. yay . X x