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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK. Men can also develop breast cancer, although this is rare. This group is for anyone affected by breast cancer to get together, ask questions, share experiences and support each other.

Still painful

No. of entries: 12 | Posted on 27 Jan 2013 11:09 PM

Still painful

  • Hello ladies any advice would be appreciated I was diagnose with b/c last April had the surgery and rads not on any treatment as didn't agree with it so I decided to stop oncologist agreed I am oestrogen and progesterone positive , the advice I want is I am still having pain in the breast and am just concerned I thought it would be a lot better now but it's not really I am due my first mama gram in April is this normal to still have pain thanks ladies xx
  • Hi Pat. I don't know if if is normal but I had my MX last March and the MX site is "uncomfortable" with the odd stabbing pain. I also seem to be more lumpy around MX site and where my cleavage used to be ! Surgeon says it Is ok . Due first annual mammogram next week so keeping fingers crossed for that and will be pushing for an MRI scan too. Mainly to put my mind at rest. All I would say is if you are worried get in touch with your BC Nurse, let her know , she will probably get you checked out. This disease plays havoc with your mind a well as your body . Good luck . X
  • Hi sue, thanks for the advice I agree it does play with your mind I was thinking about it tonight and had a bit of a cry just letting it out I so pose I always read the comments here just keeping in touch with like minded people will give my bc nurse a call soon will be thinking of you let us know how you get on next week sue good luck sweetheart xx
  • You don't say exactly what surgery you had - was it a mastectomy or a WLE and did you have a sentinel node biopsy or an axillary clearance.? The answers to these questions will colour our replies but do ask for professional help. You could discuss this with one of the nurses here on this site. They operate Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm on freephone 0808 808 0000.

    Best wishes


  • Hey,

    I have had rads until end of December, and I feel my left breast bones more than I would like them to be felt! They seem bruised. I sleep on my side and find I wake up when I lie on my left, because it feels sore and lumpy. I don't know how soon those symptoms will disappear, if they do. 

    I guess, it is major surgery after all, even just having my lump removed. Just means it will take time for everything to settle back to 'normal'. 

    But, as has been said before: if you are concerned have it checked out! You will get peace of mind, which is so important! 

    Dorothee xx

  • Hi dorothey and kate I will contact the nurses and just ask for some advice I knew about soreness etc I just thought it should have healed by now but thanks for the advice ladies take care xx
  • Hi, I had MX last June & ANC July. I've never had any trouble with the mastectomy wound but I'm still quite tender where the drain site was & can't lie on my L side for long. I'm surprised 6 months + down the line & will be asking my GP to take a look in the next few weeks & raise with the Onc next month. I've not been called back to see the surgeons; is this normal? I do want to discuss reconstruction choices; maybe I have to chase them? I'd get yourself checked for peace of mind. Take care xx
  • Hi Blue tit,

    I had my MX & ANC in June and haven't seen my surgeon since the post op meeting, so possibly is common, I'm expecting he'll see me in May (which is a year after diagnosis) but could be wrong. If in doubt check I say :)


  • Thanks Sassy, think you're right. Diagnosis will be a year come April and I'll probably be called back then. I think I'd like all this chemo out of my body before recon. X
  • Hi. Sorry if I confused you . I saw surgeon after talking to BC nurse as I had a lump come up. I will be seeing her in Apr , just over a year from MX . She had already said no recon until Herceptin finished., which is May. Xx. Sue
  • Hi Patricia51 - I had lumpectomy and 13 lymph nodes removed in 2003 followed by chemo/radio and I still experienced pain on occasion even after being clear in 2008. I was told that I would always have some sort of pain as the takes the boob/skin takes a beaten from the radiotherapy. I have secondary now in lungs and bones but still get the occasional twinge in breast - my onc says this is normal again due to the radiotherapy.

  • Hi mk16 I thanks for the reply I kind thought it was from the rads .. This is a bloody awful disease there are so so many positive brave women here big hugs to you Hun xx