Advice on effectiveness of Capecitabine & Lapatinib please

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Advice on effectiveness of Capecitabine & Lapatinib please

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  • Hi everyone, I just joined this group today. My 83 year old mother is in the middle of her 2nd of  a 4 course treatment of  Capecitabine & Lapatinib. She had a single mastectomy 18 months ago and lymph node removal followed by chemo and radio therapy then herceptin but the cancer spread to a bone area which was zapped by radiotherapy and now on this latest treatment as has some spots on her lung.

    She's very tired and seems depressed, nothing tastes right, sore mouth etc. Does anyone have experience of this, is it worth it in the long term as she says her quality of life has gone

    Any advice welcome on life expectancy with/without the treatment.

    Thanks in advance


  • I'm sure the nurses here on this site will be able to advise you as they are especially trained in all aspects of cancer treatment. They operate Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm on freephone 0808 808 0000. Their busiest time tends to be Monday mornings so try a bit later in the day. Even if you can't speak to someone immediately they will always call you back.

    Best wishes


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