Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK. Men can also develop breast cancer, although this is rare. This group is for anyone affected by breast cancer to get together, ask questions, share experiences and support each other.


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  • hi is any one taking letrazole or know anything about it?

  • Hi I have been taking it for 6 weeks. It stops your body from producing oestrogen so it helps if your cancer is Er+. It has some side flushes.....tho I haven't had any. ........also aching joints and bones. Obviously not everyone has side effects. I have had some but not too bad...................there will probably be others along with more experience of it. Have you been prescribed it?
  • I took Femara (letrozole) for nine months - for three months prior to surgery. My surgery was delayed because of other medical problems so my treatment with Femara shrank the tumour so the planned surgery was not as radical as was originally plaaned. All of these hormone treatments have side-effects but if they kick cancer's butt.... then why not?

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  • Hi. Ive been taking Letrazole since September and have experienced quite intense hot flushes - to the extent that at minus 2 today I had to take my coat off in the bus as i thojught I might faint and then when in Debenhams!! Also disturbs sleep of both of us My consultant has offered to change to another AI medication which I think Ill try. Also suffer from stiffness and joint pain but thought that was perhaps because Ive not been so active since my op. Im feeling a bit low just now as after surgery, reconsruction and six weeks post op Im recovering from an infection and feel so tired. However, things can only get better Im sure. Trying to be positive is also quite exhausting! Carrie