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Lump pain

No. of entries: 9 | Posted on 13 Dec 2012 9:54 PM

Lump pain

  • Hi,I have a 30mm lump and am awaiting chemo to shrink it before lumpectomy and radio , chemo starts 24/12 My question is .... It has started to hurt ,shooting pain and general ache and discomfort . Is this normal please ?
  • HI im 24 and was just diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer today and I am also having pains in my breast and lymph glands, im ringing the doctor today to see what they say will report back on their info! xx

  • Hi I am very similar also have 48mm tumour diagnosed last week. Have some pain but think it is probably from biopsy. I do have pain in other places but think it is my mind going mad with imagining the worst. I am starting chemo on 31st to shrink before surgery although when I saw oncologist on Weds they think surgery first so they have to discuss again. Let us know how you are doing and if yo get any answers always here to listen Wendy
  • The only thing I had enjoyed about this whole business is that I am a 'young one ' at 48 that doesn't happen so much and here you are a fine young thing ! I also have grade 3 also having pains in arm pit BUT wanted to tell you my nodes are clear :) I start chemo Xmas eve and have 4 kids hoping that Santa wasn't me after all !!!!! I go for bone scan and port putting in on Wednesday and a heart echo Monday . I really hadn't realised it was all so involved ! I wish you much support for your journey and feel free to keep in touch with the 'oldie !!' Xx
  • Thank you Wendy ,here too xxx. I am having chemo to shrink mine first ,what is good on these boards you realise that there is not one boob alike nor one treatment fits all , that I find reassuring .xx
  • Hi Jade, just read your post. If you are on Facebook here is a young women's group, totally closed so no one else can read posts and full of lovely women sharing their experiences. Just search for Younger Breast Cancer Network (UK) secret group. Good luck with your treatment. X
  • Hi

    I had the same sort of pain, I found it disappeared once I started chemo but did have the odd twinge here and there. Speak to your Onc if you're really worried but I think it's quite normal and common. Good luck xxxxx

  • Hi, After my biopsie whilst waiting tobstart chemo my lump was very painful and seemed to get harder, once i started chemo i found for the first week after chemo I had pains in my lump which subsided after first week and the lump got softer, this seemed to happen after each of my chemos, I used to ring breast cancer care nurse who assured me this is normal for some people and also it could be my mind, imagining things, very power minds at the mo. But speak to someone, its really very assuring. Hugs, Lola
  • Hi

    I think, terrifying as it is, shooting pains, aches, stitches are all par for the course. I am 8 months past diagnosis and still have them. That's after chemo, lumpectomy and at beginning of rads.

    At the beginning shooting pains were what alerted me to a problem without there being a lump. 10 days later after prodding around again bam! golf ball sized lump out of nowhere! (40mm) I was reassured it's the lump pressing on nerves which cause this.

    Apart from this at start I had shooting pains all over and still do sometimes, I was just extreme stress as despite me thinking it was rampaging though my body, it wasn't as had all clear scans everywhere else. I definitley wasn't imagining it.