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Alternative Therapies During Chemo

No. of entries: 6 | Posted on 12 Oct 2012 5:24 AM

Alternative Therapies During Chemo

  • Does anyone have any knowledge or advice concerning alternative therapies ?   I have had my first cycle of chemo and really miss having an Indian Head Massage.  I found it totally relaxing, and the young girl called Elaine was so good at her job.   It is something I would deffinately continue to have even if I had it without all the therapeutic oils.   She was also very good at full body massage. 

    I believe that some therapies you have to refrain from, but not really sure which ones. 


  • Hi I was told things like Indian head. Massage, reflexology, shiatsu are all ok. They are pressure point treatments and don't hold any risk. In fact you can get free treatments on the NHS. I think massages may be different as they work on thd circulatory system. You can always check with the mac helpline on here.... But I think that us right. I have my reflexology booked fit Monday .
  • Thanks for that Sue, I will check with the mac helpline just to make sure.

    Winston x

  • Hi,

    I had a massage every 3rd week of chemo free. They had a little beauty room up on the cancer ward and did it there. I had face massages, full body massages and they were lovely and just what I needed. I didn't have a head massage as was having cold cap and holding onto my hair so had to be gentle with my head but that was the only reason. So go for it and enjoy!



  • I had an aromatherapy massage yesterday.  I'm in the third week of chemo 2.  It was very relaxing and a real treat.  

  • Thanks for the comments ladies, just the thought of a massage,  lovely !!    Baring in mind week 3 might be the right time to have them.  Food for thought !! I'm having Fec No 2 next week, going to chat with the nurses on the unit about it !!!  Thanks !!   I just love aromatherapy  !!!

    Winston xx love and hugs !!