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Eyebrows and eyelashes.....

No. of entries: 9 | Posted on 9 Oct 2012 7:37 PM

Eyebrows and eyelashes.....

  • Hi again,

    does everyone loose eyebrows and lashes on FEC and or T, mine are still there as of second FEC but wondering if they all go or thin eventually/enevitably and on which cycle does it start.? I guess everyone is so different, but keen too hear from you , thank you x

  • Hi my mum was on fec for breast cancer i don't know if she was just lucky but she managed to keep most of her eyebrows and lashes, they thinned slightly and she also kept all her hair. I think its normally after 3rd or 4th if its going to happen but everyone is different. Hope this gives you some hope! x

  • Thanks Rebecca,

    yes it does, great to hear she kept her hair too! x

  • hi, i thought i was going to be lucky enough  to keep lashes and brows because they were still there after cycle 4 but unfortunately  they both came out, they have come back with a vengeance  though my eyelashes are longer than they were before fec.

    helen x  

  • How long did they take to come back Helen and did they come back at all in between??x

  • they did come back in between but only slightly like a quarter of the normal length then they would come out again,  they came back properly after around 4-5 weeks of last fec,  then had my eyebrows threaded for the first time since march lol

    i wish my hair would grow as quickly grrr 

    helen x

  • Thanks for reply Helen did you just have Fec or T also?? x

  • anytime, glad to help. i just had 6 fec,

    helen x 

  • Hi,

    I have just finished FEC-T and pretty much lost my eyelashes about 6 weeks ago. I still have feint eyebrows but not much. I tried false eyelashes but am rubbish at putting them on so I just use eyeliner to define my eyes and hope noone notices the actual lashes are missing!!!! Cassie xxx