Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK. Men can also develop breast cancer, although this is rare. This group is for anyone affected by breast cancer to get together, ask questions, share experiences and support each other.


No. of entries: 33 | Posted on 07 Apr 2012 02:39
  • Hi Amanda - havent heard from you for a while - do you know your plan of action against the gremlins as I know you were going on 10th April ? Hope you are coping.

    Janice - hows things going with you ?

    I start my radio on Monday ( hope its not Radio 4 ! ) but thinking it will be a breeze now just a pain having to go every day for 5 weeks. Still, if it works .........

    Take care everyone else & keep thinking positive thoughts xxx

    Suzie xx

  • Hi Suzie, im not quite sure how to use this site at the moment and have tried private messaging you to say hi but dont know if you have received it, could you let me know and maybe tell me where i go on here to find my messages lol.  Do hope youre doing well.  I go for my first appointment this monday 23rd so i will be finding out about my treatment.  Im a bit scared especially reading on here the treatment some poor ladies have to go through, i try and stay positive but its not always easy is it.  Sending you hugs xxxxx

  • Hi Amanda - have sent you a private message in reply to yours which I got. Hope you got it ? hugs xx

    Suzie xx

  • Hi Amanda


    I went for a routine mamagram 3 wks ago then had a recall was told I had to have a biopsy  and a scan which was done that day went for the results on Fri 13th April (what a date) and was told I had breast cancer I was taken into hospital on the 16th April and had some lymph nodes removed, and the lump removed home on the 17th April and am so, so , sore and bewildered this has been such a shock to myself and family and have not really taken anything in, I get the results of all this next Friday I do know I have to get radiotherapy, mention of chemo so far....I have had no contact with my own doctor or anyone at the family have been so suportive, but I live on my own and finding things very hard Im not sleeping and really dont want to eat either and have not been out of the house since the operation on Monday I hate not being able to do normal things..ive been told not to lift shopping, cook or hoover etc......I really, really need help and advice.....

    Irene G

  • Irene

    So sorry to hear you are left unsupported - Hopefully you will have a dedicated breast care nurse (BCN) that you can contact?  Do make use of them, they are really helpful, and if they aren't the right people to answer your query, they will point you in the right direction. 

    You may wish to visit your GP and get some diazepam or something that will help you through the next few weeks - it's such a rollercoaster ride at the beginning, and we have all needed help through it at some time or other.

    And posting on here really helps - anything you've had a problem with someone will have experienced similar and will help.


  • Hiya Amanda

    I was diagnosed back in 2010, have had a lumpectomy and lymphnodes taken out and then had chemo and radiotherapy. It all ended last year the end of april. I know how you are feeling, i went through so many emotions. you sound a very possitive person. I can only go by what my experiance has been and no matter, what you will get through this. I have four children the youngest being 10, i found it hard to tell them because i didnt know many answers myself about what i would have to go through or what the outcome would be, Just be as honest as you can with them and they understand more than you think.

    I am still not 100% but am trying and i am sure you will too, you CAN do this and will come out the winner!!!!!!!

    Carol x 

  • Hi ya Irene, im so sorry to hear that you are on your own.  You are right, it doesnt sink in to begin with does it?  Ive just been to the hospital today to find out what my plan is, ive got a grade 3 cancer, quite big apparently so ive got to have an operation next week like you to have lymph nodes removed.  Then chemo 6 sessions, then operation to remove lump then radiothephy.  What a mess this all is isnt it.  Im so lucky to have my family around me so will not be going through this on my own.  I dont know much about all this at the moment but i do know that the cancer nurses are so helpful and you can phone them anytime.  Tell them how you are feeling, they may be able to help you.  Ive only been on this site a few weeks but already have found some wonderful people willing to listen to me.  Dont worry too much about the housework, that is always neverending!!!  Tell your family how you feel, as you say they are supportive so maybe they can help you around the house.  Sending you a hug xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Carol, what you have already gone through sounds like what im about to go through.  Thank you for your positive message.  Its hard being a mum and having to support our children through all this when really all we want to do is curl up in a ball and feel sorry for My children are older, not that they act it!!  Im being as honest as i can without frightening them.  I may sound positive but inside im like jelly, and feel a bit sorry for myself that ive got to go through it all.  Ive got to go into hospital next week to have lymph nodes removed, then start chemo.  Sorry to hear youre still not 100% as you have been through so much.  xxxx