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Colouring hair after chemo

No. of entries: 17 | Posted on 26 Apr 2012 07:11
  • Hi there, I haven't had chemo yet but on diagnosis of lymphoma I changed my diet and also all products I used on hair, skin etc. traces of normal hair dye can show up in your urine 15 mins after putting it on....that's strong!! I use naturtint and it's ok but seems to wash out / fade after 3 weeks. You can get it on amazon or any food health food shop. There is another good brand but I can't remember name at moment but will let you know if I remember. If you get from amazon, go to mac website and there is a link to amazon from there and then anything you purchase sends a donation to mac (if that makes sense?). Happy colouring. Clare x
  • I'm still looking for the most suitable hair colour to use post chemo.

    Several of you have mentioned plant/vegatable based products and i have been looking in Boots trying to work out which ones these are.

    Are the Botanics range suitable ones, they seem to be the only ones in store that suggest plant based.

    Has anyone used them?

    Many thanks for any help, i really want to get rid of my grey but don't want to damage my hair.




  • post your results please - I've got one more chemo and my hair seems to gone competely white - I definately need something to bring back my youth!!


  • Hiya,


    Try Lush they sell Henna Hair dye which is as plant based as you can get. All their products are freshly made so no nasty chemicals. I managed to keep my hair but it was badly damaged from the cold cap and have been using their hair treatment products which have worked a treat.


  • Thanks T,

    Is henna safe to use though, have heard it can make your hair go funny colours, ie orange


  • I have just looked on Holland and Barrett and they are £8.99-£9.99, im starting chemo in a couple of weeks and would like to dye mine before I start as I have some gray bits and my old dye is growing out, anybody got any thoughts on this?


  • only the rouge ones can make it go orange. Have a look on their website :-)


  • Daniel Field does organic hair colour.  It used to be sold in larger Boots - not sure if they still do but you can get it online and it seems reasonably priced.

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