Hi Retired Sailor Girl,

Why retired, I sail, my son has just taken our boat to Gib and in December I am hoping to go out there permently.  I know I will have to fly back up for check ups, but I'm here to live!

Anyway this is me, I had nothing in my boobs but Grade 3 cancer in the lymph nodes under right arm.  All were removed on March 21st but they still had not found the source.  I had a PET scan at Barts and a Gastroscopy and Colonscopy both negative.  They deceided to treat me for breast cancer as the cancer cells contained oestrogen receptors that they said could only come from the boob.

I have had 3 FEC's and did not use the cold cap as didn't think I could stomach it with everything else.  I also have to have 3 Taxotere, first one today and was told that my hair would definetly fall out with this drug.  I have been told all bodily hair will go.  I lost practically all my hair on my head, most from my nasal passages and now suffer with drippy nose and most from my nanu, after the first FEC.  I was loathed to shave the last bit off of my head, it was just wispy bits but looked untidy under a base ball cap.  Knowing I would lose it all when I start TAX was going to leave it but I got fed up being half and half so shaved it off.  I got a wig and the guy that fitted it said it is better to start with a clean head of hair as the hair that grows back is of a different texture and strength and its better to have all the hair the same.  I had already resigned myself to the fact of losing my hair so was not too upset when it did come out but it was still a bit or a shock initally.

As for sickness, I have not suffered with that but I did tell I get sea sick and told them what did and did not work so they may have got my antisickness right.  Tell them as they can maybe change the type of tablet.

I also suffered with my immune system and got an infection after my 1st FEC from a tooth or abcess.  I had to have the tooth removed as I spent a week in hospital on antibiotics and the the oncologist said it had to be sorted as I couldn't have this happen every month. Well guess what it did, I got infection after chemo No 2.  this time only one night in hospital on iv anitibiotics then home with tablets and they had started me on Granocyte injections to prevent this happening again.  3rd chemo they reduced the Epirubicin by 20% and continued with the Granocyte and I kept infection free.  So a bit apprehensive regarding this first Tax today.

Hope this helps a bit, although one thing I have learnt is that we are all different, all on different regeims and all respond differently.  So read, ask questions but suck it and see!

Good luck, Annie