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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK. Men can also develop breast cancer, although this is rare. This group is for anyone affected by breast cancer to get together, ask questions, share experiences and support each other.

1st chemo on wed!!!

No. of entries: 57 | Posted on 07 Mar 2011 03:33
  • was that because they wer uncomfy or was she told to?? x

  • Hi Clair

    No I think they were just uncomfortable..  I must say that during chemo my eyes did get quite sore.. I tried not to drive at night as the headlights made it very uncomfortable.. They soon felt better once chemo was finished..

    Hope you have a good weekend..



  • Hi again Clair, 

    Just thought I would mention about an organisation called 'look good feel better' which I discovered through a friend. You can order something called a confidence kit by giving a small donation - and at the time of ordering i was keen to get all the info i could!

    Basically if you google  - look good feel better - you should find it and they send you a little booklet with tips about how to draw on eyebrows etc. But the really good thing is that, you can sign up for an evening beauty session, and beauty therapists from places lie Estee Lauder etc give you a makeover and give you freebie make-up!!

    I have signed up, but i think the waiting list is long and I have not been asked to go yet - hopefully soon!! I actually still have my eyebrows - they were really thin anyway  but am only now filling in a few 'gaps' after my 5th chemo the other day. If you only have 4, you may be a lucky one! my eyelashes are also very thin, always have been, but they are not budging yet either - although I know they are falling out a bit as my eyes are a bit prickly and I also have really watery eyes. 

    on another note, about the mouth ulcers etc, i just bought some bongela, but I have not really suffered, that horrid taste in my mouth is awful though - my fridge is stocked with ice lollies - yummy!!! I am also getting this really hideous 'full feeling' like i have greedily scoffed about 20 big macs in one go - the doc gave me some drugs for that today - i think this might be a common symptom..?

    anyway, thought that info re the look good feel better may be of interest - us cancer girls should take all the freebies going i reckon!!!

    xx :) 



  • oooooh yes im gonna get on that site!!! yes we deserve a few freebies!!! hehehe! im finding the odd bovril is good for a nice drink! the strong taste sorts me right out!!

    thanks xxx

  • Hi Clair

    I'm new to all this, read the comments, surfed the pages. My problem I guess is that everything has happened so fast, diagnoses, ops, results and now I'm waiting to start my chemo and I'm finding I've got too much time on my hands to worry. I was diagnosed on 7th Feb with a 22mm tumour, I had a masectomy and sentinel node removal on Feb 10th and then because cancer cells were found in the sentinel node I had a lymph node clearance on 24th. All my nodes were clear, thank God. So it's been very quick hardly enough time to get my head round each stage. I'm fed up with pain the node operation is causing, but reassuring to know that it will get better and i need to keep working on the exercises. I'm waiting for the oncology appointment to map out the treatment, but desperate to get going, with 3 boys aged 8,9 and 11 I want to know how wiped out I'm going to be. Guess I've got to be patient.

  • hi fipowell,

    it did all happen so fast for me! i found a lump 4th dec, diagnosed 10th jan, op 25th and started chemo wed. the nurses and docs at my hospital hav been awesome! they really do what they can for you! my scars are hurting more now than they did when i first had the op, its just because i use my arm more and im lifting and moving about like normal. the chemo was scarey but with all the help and advice i hav gotten off this site its been such a positive 1st sesh!!!

    listen and ask questions on these forums coz i swear i wouldnt have got thru any of this as well as i hav if i hadnt have had all the support and advice from ppl who hav experienced these things before us!!!

    take care and feel free to message me anytime xxx

  • Just been googling chemo side effects and found this thread which I found really helpful - thank you all. I start on 16th March and know that it is just something that I have to get on with but all your advice and honesty will help, I am sure. Your story is very similar to mine, Clair;  found the lump around the 15th Jan and it has been a roller coaster ever since. I still feel like it is all happening to someone else not me. Perhaps the chemo will be when it all becomes real. Keep smiling and take care.


  • Tomorrow I have my first session of fec. So like you went have the talk. Wow my brain was blasted with reality.

    Will let you know how it goes. Hope you have a sucessful day and good luck take care Lorraine x