Bowel Cancer spread to Ovaries

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Bowel Cancer spread to Ovaries

No. of entries: 17 | Posted on 10 Oct 2012 10:57
  • Has anyone been affected by a spread to the ovaries? 

  • Hi Rhona

    Yes, my appendix cancer had to my ovaries, in fact it spread throughout my abdomen. It was discovered during a hysterectomy operation in January 2011. 

    Do you know how far yours has spread? Has your surgeon discussed options with you?

    Take care, 

    Poppy x

  • Hi Poppy

    It's not been confirmed yet :( Waiting on MRI results which I get on Friday. I've already survived spread to my lungs and thought I was in the clear. I get a 3 monthly PET scan and the latest one showed tracer uptake. I had a colonoscopy last week which is totally clear so they suspect that the ovaries are affected. Oncologist has also mentioned that it could just be physiological activity which has been picked up! So worried! 

  • Oh, the waiting is horrible isn't it? It sounds like you've done brilliantly so far to fight against it. Great that your colonoscopy came back clear.

    I hope that the result on Friday is the best it can be. Try to find something else to think about tomorrow! Maybe think up a few questions just in case? 

    Poppy x

  • Yeah I feel like all I've done for the past 2 n half years is wait on results :( but thanks for the advice - I'll go and write down some questions. There doesn't seem to be much info out there on the web. That's really the reason I logged in to see if anyone else with bowel cancer primary has had this spread. It seems to be all liver and lung info. Thanks for replying :) x
  • Hi Rhona x

     I had emergency surgery in Feb to remove a blockage from my bowel which turned out to be bowel cancer. They also performed an hysterectomy as it had spread to my womb and ovaries and also my liver. The surgery was successful in removing the tumours, I.m just left battling what is now on my liver. I can honestly  say that I haven't experienced any effectrs from having the ovaries removed, no hot flushes, or any other menopause symtoms, not sure whether this is due to having the surgery done all at once. I am 43 years young lol! so wasn't expecting to encounter 'women issues' for some time, but he ho it's better than not being here at all. They did make me laugh in hospital as they asked me how i felt about not being able to have anymore children! my boys are 20 and 17, so the thought of having anymore horrified me! They did tell me I was pregnant when I first went into And E and could be having an eptopic pregnancy as they didnt know what was wrong with me, I cried more at this news than I did when they said I had cancer.

    Sending you a big hug, try not to worry and stay positive xx



    Diva Cal xx

    Diva Cal

  • Hi sounds like you've been through the mill!  Good luck with your liver treatment. Are you getting an op on your liver?  I'm hoping they tell me its nothing to worry about tomorrow! x

  • I've been referred to the liver specialist now at the QE in Birmingham to see whether he can do the surgery. I have an MRI scan on 1st November and then they will hold a joint meeting to discuss my case, the waiting is the hardest part on this journey x

    Diva Cal

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