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    Although you have walking difficulties and need help with personal care, to be entitled to DLA you must satisfy the DLA conditions for three months and then be expected to satisfy them for six months from the date your award could start. Therefore you must need help for at least nine months.  You first satisfied the DLA conditions on 15.02.2012 but your needs are likely to reduce so you will not satisfy the DLA conditions when the nine months end on 14.11.2012. Therefore you are not entitled to mobility and care. 

    I made my decision using the information about your illnesses and dissabilities from:

    your claim form

    the extra information you gave us

    your GP dated 29.06.2012

    current treatment


    test results


    I have also been refused sickness benefit because I have a mortgaged house which I rent out therefore have capital I am told.

    My 87 yr. old was refused direct payment for his care because Birmingham Council are insisting that £2.457.00 be paid back which was money paid to my mum for her care and apparently she should not have been in receipt of this every time she was in hospital during the five years when she was ill and on dialysis. She died last year. The Council are now refusing payment to my dad because money is owed by a deceased person. We did not know about this rule and nobody told us e.g. social worker, or hospital staff.  

    So, no sickness benefit, no DLA for me, and no direct payments to my dad.

    This is why I paid tax and nat. ins for 43 years and my dad for 47 yrs. 

    Don't you just love the unfair system in this country.

    My oncologist nurse told me there will be times when I won't have energy to get up and make a cup of tea for myself and yet the DLA are saying that my needs are likely to reduce. What a joke!

    I feel like murdering somebody and feel so upset.

  • Jody


    You got get Macmillan into this - you do qualify but you victim of governamet get tough on benefit initiative


    I get DLA nad ESA I got mortgage and savings house has equity


    Neither DLA or ESA means tested !


    I am 8 months post op my backaside is still sore and feels like it joined together 


    My hands tingle i drop stuff i cant tie laces - my feet feel like i wearing 8 pairs of sox my lower l imbs ache with pain - i cant go up stairs i get out breath


    I am disabled and wil be for while I have had no probs in getting benefit


    Appeal ask for review - you mist fill in forms based on worst day you have not best day - i dint lie but i made sure i was eleigble as most days im waste of space physically


    I stopped chemo 2 months ago yet i still suffering after efects whoch may l;ast a year


  • Sorry bout spelling it my typing my hands are fuddled

  • Sorry about the negative decision.  You can appeal the decision re DSA. Worth calling the Macmillan helpline - or speaking to CAB - for advice on doing this.

                      Click here to find out more

  • I honestly am giving up with this unfair system.  I don't have just my own mortgaged house but another one as well which I rent out.  I am also short of some nat.ins. for year 2011 because I gave up work to look after my mum. She died on 12.08.2011 and then it took me a few months to get back into my self employed work again and then I fell ill, so this is another reason why I can't get ESA, but I have paid nat.ins. for 43 years previous to this. They only look at the previous 2 yrs. of nat.ins contribution and not the many years before that.  As for the DLA., I just don't have the energy to battle with Government departments any more.  I can't get through to the CAB via the phone (they just don't ever answer the phone)  and to stand in queue for hours on end  to see them personally is impossible for me.  

    I have just had a good cry and am going to bed.  Tomorrow we are doing a 12 month memorial service for my mum and I have to be at the graveyard, then Church and after a meal for 70 people. It's been a hectic day today and with the news that I am not entitled to anything has made me extremely upset. Also, my mobile which my son bought for me brand new is only a week old and  faulty and I have to send it back to Amazon.  Constant bloody paperwork, form filling, letter writing, phone calls.  I am sick of it all. But, thanks anyway for your advice and kind words.


  • I was selfemployed and paid in for 40 plus year i got esa and dla as i said 


    Neever been porblem 



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