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secondary colon cancer on the lungs

No. of entries: 8 | Posted on 20 Jul 2010 7:27 PM

secondary colon cancer on the lungs

  • Hi I am new to the site and learning how it works. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in feb 2008 it was at stage 3. It was very hard to cope with this as I was only 40 and on my own with a one year old child. Had radio chemo then surgery I was suppose to have 3 months chemo after my surgery but couldnt as I contracted the hospital bug c-dif and it took them 5 months to get rid of it. Then in June 2009 found that it had gone to my vagina had it removed and had three months chemo. I have had 2 lung nodules which have never changed since first ct scan in 2008 but my oncologist wanted to check to see if they were abnormal to remove them. I had a pet scan in May and it has shown that the nodules are cancerous although they have never moved and they also found cellis in my upper chest that they cant remove them as they are too near my heart The doctor said they are secondary to the original cancer. I am worried out of my mind as I dont know what this means has anyone else had experience with nodules and cells all the doctor have said they will check my bloods every 3 months.

  • Hi Georgina, I I've just been diagnosed with secondary lung cancer today, started off with colon cancer Nov 08.

    I don't know much about nodules and cells, I don't read up on it much, I prefer to leave it to the doctors. I think I would make myself paranoid - a little knowledge goes a long way in my case. But I would be happy to talk to you about  what it can do to your mind. I'm 45 and have an 18 month old daughter.  You don't have to feel alone.

  • Hi, sorry to hear you have just been diagnosed. You must find it very hard as well with having a young daughter.I struggle mentally to deal with coping with it .The fear of not knowing what is ahead of you . They say they can try and control this horrible disease for how long ? will I see my son go through school? and its heartbreaking when I think about it. You are right the less you know the better as it just put your mind into overdrive. Thanks I do feel alone and it would be good to talk to you what it does to you mentally. Georgina xx                                              

  • Helo Georgina and Lazarus,

    Good to meet you both but I'm sorry you have to be on this site. I had bowel cancer with liver and lung secondaries, all diagnosed in Nov 08. I had chemo -oxaliplatin and capecitabine, then a combined liver and bowel op, then more capecitabine but the lung mets never changed. I had 3 months off to see what would happen and they grew. I had a different chemo -5 FU- but it didn't work and they grew more.I am just about to start irinotecan and I will lose my hair but I hope the lung tumours will shrink.

    You are not alone on this site but you must feel it at times. I know I do- about 4am usually.

    Keep posting, I will look out for you both.

    Take care love Jen xX


  • Hi Jen,

    Nice to hear from you, your history similar to mine bowel cancer had surgery same chemo got  secondary cancerous nodules on my lungs and cancerous cells in my upper chest, they are going to monitor them every 3 months to see if they growing and how active the cells are. The cells cant be removed as they are too near my heart. Go back for bloods in August. Its awaiting game all the time. I try and keep myself as occupied as much as I can in the day and I struggle through the night as well. 

     All the very best with starting irinotecan and keep in touch and let me know how you are doing love Georgina x  



  • Hello Jen...just read your story and feel empathy as I am in throes of the two chemos you have had...aren't they horrible? Feel alone and v sound really strong...guess we all have to be, don't we? take care of yourself

  • Hi Sally Anne,

    Thanks for your reply. I have finished the irinotecan nnow as it didn't work but I lost my hair anyway. It is growing back now. my last scan showed growth in my lungs and spread to the ovaries. My prognosis is not good but I still feel fairly well and am very glad to be off the treatment. I am not strong or brave, just have no choice but to get on with it.

    Take care Jen XX

  • Hi Georgina,

    Sorry about your cancer, I had bowel cancer removed July 09, I keep getting more polyps, which they think is genetic. Thought I was ok then they found secodaries in my lungs in Jan they put off chemo as they were small, go back April for scan and to see onc, I might need chemo which I am dreading. It is scary stuff but chatting to other people has helped me. Take care Pam x