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Bowel (colon and rectum) cancer

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CT and MRI tomorrow - here's hoping the Chemo & Radio have done their thing

No. of entries: 15 | Posted on 21 Jan 2013 10:13 PM

CT and MRI tomorrow - here's hoping the Chemo & Radio have done their thing

  • Tomorrow is a bit day - have my CT and MRI scans to see if all the Chemo and Chemo Radio I have been having since August last year have done their thing. I really hope so.

    Whilst I know the Chemo reduced the Node in size behind it, and also reduced the Liver Met, the chemo alone didnt seem to have much affect on the actual tumour. Now I just have to hope that the Radio Chemo zapped the tumour. Nervous time now.

    If it hasn't worked then I just don't know what will happen. I have to hope it has done its stuff as the hospital have already pencilled in my op for Feb 27.

    Looking for postive vibes here guys


  • Hi Carla,

    I am sending you tonnes and tonnes of positive vibes and best wishes! I hope the Radio Chemo has done the correct zapping. 

    Let us know how you get on with the scans and the results. 


  • Hi Carla,

    Here's sending you all the positive vibes I can and a big hug.

    Hope your scans go well and that the chemo and radio have been doing their jobs!

    With love and light,

    Hins x

  • Hi Carla,

    Good luck today, am sure the chemo and radio have done their job and you will have your op in Feb.

    Sending lots of positive vibes and a big hug.

    Love Pam xxx

  • Hi Carla

    Best of luck today, onwards and upwards as they say 


    Best wishes Paul



























  • Hope all goes well today x 

  • Hope all goes well today Carla, will be thinking of you. Sending Lots of love Jan xx

    Pam, Hins and Peter, Hello, think of you all often and hope you are all well, Pam, good luck also with your tests, i'm sure they are soon. Jan xxx

  • Hi Jan,

    Am ok thanks, yes got my scan 30th and results 4th Feb so am anxious but have to have what ever onc says, you never know by some miracle my lung mets might have shrunk.

    You take care , Love Pam xxx

  • I have been thinking of you Carla and sending positive thoughts.  Hope all goes well and that you will be having your op on 27 Feb. 

  • Thank you Matt, all done and dusted now. Just the dreaded results to wait for, which I hope to get after the MDT meeting next Tuesday.

    How are things with you, any progress with your treatment, as I believe up to this point we have both had roughly the same journey.


  • Hi Hins, Pam, Paul, Polly, Janet Rose and Sarah,

    Thank you all for your positive vibes and big hugs, really appreciated. Scans all done now, so roll on the results next Tuesday. Good luck Paam with your scans next Weds.


  • Hi Carla,

    Positive vibes always help, and knowing others are thinking of you and have been through the same.

    Yep be glad to have scan and results, then I know what is happening, feel in limbo atm.

    Pam xxx


  • Hi Carla, 

    I am glad that your scans are over now. Many thanks for asking on my progress. I have now been given a date for my MRI, which is this Friday morning. I hope to get the results next week and maybe have them discussed at the MDT next Friday. 

    Very best wishes to you. Keep well. 


  • Hi Matt,

    Good luck tomorrow with your MRI scan, here's hoping your results due next week will be everything you're hoping for.

    Best wishes.


  • Hi Matt,

    Good luck today and with your results hope they are good.

    Pam x