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just diagnosed

No. of entries: 23 | Posted on 8 Jan 2013 1:41 PM

just diagnosed

  • Hi, all

    My 1st time posting, found all the wrong sites before i found my way here 

    so have been scared to hilt 

    Im still waiting for my mri 18th jan  and cat (tbc) scans so do not have a  plan in place 

    Im still a little shocked but im hanging on to the words of the colonoscopist , who said at the time, it 

    looked like cancer but the early stages, hope he was right 


    Biopsy came back as adenocarcinoma anyone know much about this?

    Im worried how my scans will come back 

    it seems since my colonoscopy that iv had every pain in every place you can imagine 

    Any feed back appreciated 

  • Hi Paul,

    Sorry that you have found yourself here like so many others.

    I was diagnosed on the 2nd March 2012 and still remember it like yesterday what you are going through. At the moment you are at the worst point which in the not knowing, not knowing how bad things are in regards to the size (staging) of the cancer and if it has spread to other organs, but this is what the scans are for.

    Once you have the scans and you know what you are up aganist you will feel at ease a bit more. In regards to the pain I know the feeling, I'm 38 fit a non smoker not a serious drinker and failry active so bowel cancer was the last thing I thought about as I'm never ill. Now that I have cancer I feel every ache and pain but that is just the worry about cancer, every ache or pain I get I convince myself that I have cancer in another part of my body with the last pain I had turing out to be just hemorrhoids but that is how my mind works now.

    Also, one word off advice is to stick to websites like Macmillan, Beating Bowel Cancer and Cancer Research as Google is never your friend when you have cancer as the information is either very old or incorrect.



  • Hi Paul, 

    I am very sorry that you have found yourself on this website. However, you have found the correct site - you will find lots of practical advice and emotional support. You are at the worst stage at the moment - when you have been given an initial diagnosis that you have a tumour (adenocarcinoma) and you are in shock.   I was 44 when I was diagnosed last year as a non smoker, teetotaller who tried to keep relatively fit and slim and did not eat a lot of red meat. 

    Take the good news that it appears that you have caught it early and therefore it is unlikely that it has spread. You will feel a lot better when you have the treatment plan and then also when you start treatment as at least then you will be doing something to fight back. 

    When you find out what is the treatment plan you will be able to ask lots of questions from people on this site who have gone through all the types of treatment, whether chemotherapy, radiotherapy, combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy, or surgery. You will be able to receive lots of practical advice on how to deal with each of these types of treatment. 

    I also experience lots of aches and pains. In my case this could be as a result of chemotherapy, but it could also just be that I always experienced such aches and pains as part of normal life but now I am so much more conscious of these aches and I worry about them more now. 

    I wish you the very best of luck with the scans. Please let us know how you get on, and what treatment is recommended to you. 


  • Many thanks guys 

     iv Just got to get on with it, carry on as normal, and live each day, seems ill have a busy time ahead



  • Paul, 

    You asked about bowel cancer spreading to the bones. To my knowledge, the main place where bowel cancer spreads to is the liver and lungs. There may be some cases where bowel cancer spreads to the bones. Others may be able to confirm. 



  • Hi Paul,

    I'm sorry that you have need to be on this site, it can't be easy and you can't help but worry. I do hope your scans come back with positive news for you.  With regards to your question about bowel cancer spreading to the bones, yes it can - my husband's bowel cancer spread to the bones in his back but that was treated fairly successfully with radiotherapy.



  • Again many thanks, for the replies, paranoia seems to be my worst enemy lol

    Every time i feel anything i think its cancer, 


  • Hello Paul ....

    Welcome to this site as this is the best place to be for advice and emotional support !

    Google etc is not good at this time and as my Oncologist said it is often out of date and wrong. It is so easy to read something and scare yourself - this site does not do that but tells it as it is.

    I was diagnosed on 21 Dec - not long ago -  with a rectal tumour which they think is ealry stage 3 or possibly stage 2.

    I know 100 % how you are feeling. It does, believe me, feel easier after a while. After 2 weeks I am now carrying on as normal and not dwelling on it continuously as I was before. At the beginning that is easier said than done. First thing in the morning was the hardest time I found but as the morning went on I would feel alot better. For me it was all over Christmas too and it all felt a bit unreal at times.

    It's great you have the support of you girlfriend as you said - and she may like this site too :)

    I  think it is such a SHOCK  and the shock does ease. I know that now. I'm sure you will feel the same.

    Telling people was sometimes difficult as they appeared so shocked initially - and it almost as if I was comforting some of them ? ! But again - it becomes easier - as you say - One day at a time.

    As the others have said it is hard waiting for scans and results but from what you have said it sounds promising and at an  early stage.

    I feel better now I  have a treatment plan of combined chemoradiotherapy and surgery in a few months. Will start the therapy in 2-3 weeks.

    You have the right attitude of one day at a time. Not to worry is easy to say ..... but as others have said too this part between sacnss and results is a difficult time.

    Keep in touch with us all on here - so many people are happy to support you.

    Very Best Wishes :)


  • lee thanks for your support


    Last night i had constant pain lower back area radating outwards sometimes feels boney, tramadol ibuprofen never lifted it, im off to the doc this morning to discuss

    Has anyone had this is and is it normal with rectum cancer, from what i understand its not a symptom of the tumor itself 

    this has been lingering for a while but last night it was constant and it only seems to be when i lie down that it gets so bad that i cant sleep 


    would a stool waiting to be passed pressing against the tumor cause this sort of pain?



  • Just back from the doc, gave me co-codomol as the tramodol was given me strange dreams

    anyways he was a bit sketchy on what the pain might be, he suggested  it might be the tumor putting pressure on nerve endings in the rectum

    Im almost at breaking point with the stress and lack of sleep and sadly iv reached for the ciggys which i managed to give up a year a go 

    still nine days to go till my 1st scan 

    Will  they will be able to say anything after the scan or is it another waiting game?

  • I had pain and still have pain but that and I always thought it was due to the tumour but it turns out that I had internal piles basically which gives a constant aching pain which seems to spread from the rectum and to the back of my legs. I still pop pain killers now for it and use suppositories when I get a flare up.

    For me when I had my scans I had another appointment to see my oncologist two weeks later but I phoned up a few days later and spoke to her to get the results as the not knowing was getting to me, they do not like giving results over the phone and now when I try it I have to wait for the appointment for the results. I believe some people on here get the results the same day but not sure if that is the same for the majority of the people.

    I know what you are going through so does everyone else on this page as unfortunately we have all been there so I cannot say keep positive and all those things as it is really difficult what you are going though and no one can understand what you are going through unless they have been through it.

    One word of advice would be to put the fags away as they are really not going to help.

  • Hi Paul ....

    Often pain from bowel / rectum can give lower back as it 'referred' pain - meaning the bowel is inflammed and the pain referrs to the back. I had it for a while - a few weeks back and it felt like my back was going to split in two ! I was working too. I didn't know the diagnosis then - I think if I did I would have focused on it alot more and it woukd have felt even worse. Don't focus that it is bone pain ?

    I only had paracetamol - cocodamol is good but can make you feel constipated if you have too many. No disrespect to the GP - but many are not an expert on this or back pain.

    As Ros said - you may need something stronger ?... But see how you go.

    Waiting is horrible - as we have said. Please try and calm yourself down - lay down quielty,  relax and tell yourself positive thoughts and try and relax each part of your body one bit at a time. Focus on your shoulders for example - tell yourself to relax in that area and release the tension - you can feel the tension ease away. When you your back and lower back focus on relaxing on that area for longer. You need to do this in peace and quiet. It is not always easy at first to learn to relax as it's not something we normally try to do in this way.

    I don't under estimate how worreid you feel. Only you can make yourself feel calmer. You need to try and tell yourself this. Sometimes that feels easier to do than others.

    As the day and evening goes on you will find that lots of lovely people - who understand - will message you on here. That will help too :)

    Today I feel a bit low again myself. I am not used to being at home so much and I am waiting to start chemo and radio and just want it all to begin now.

    What I do - and what I will do soon today is go out for a walk and it will help me to focus on everyday things. I might go swimming too - not much as not a brilliant swimmer ! But it's somewhere to go and makes me feel refereshed after - do you like swimming ? Maybe when pain is eased you could go at some point soon - It is good as stretches the muscles all over our body. Plus exercise is good for us and really makes us feel better.

    For me - I could at present sit at home - watch TV - search the internet and generally worry all day !

    BUT - I know I need to get out and I have to tell myself positive thoughts and get myself moving.

    I really think you should try and speak with a Specialist Nurse - maybe at the Hospital where you will receive your results ? There will be one. I don't think the GP is the person to chat with personally and they have limited time too.

    OR - Use the helpline on here - which people swear by. They will know exactly how you feel and have good advice and support.

    Sometimes we need to need lots of encouragement and support during these times before it starts to sink in !

    If you speak with someone and after you need more - call again ! Or speak to someone different.

    It is NORMAL and EASY for us to think the WORSE all the time ! It appears to be the way most people feel during these early days.

    TRY and relax and tell yourself you need to, Phone for some professional advice too. If your pain isn't better - get further advice.

    Thinking of you mate and take care


  • Hi Paul Sorry you are having so much pain, you may want to also ask for amitriptyline to go with your Co-codamol, as they are not as strong as tramodol. They are an antidepressant but very good at pain Relief also. And as Ros said if that does not give relief, ask for some oramorph. For as and when required. Good luck for your scan. Best Wishes
  • Thanks again guys for the replies they are a great help

    Yes Lee thats a great idea i will take myself to the gym have a swim and sauna, i know that will help feeling a lot better now, 



  • Paul

    I am going to get my husbands notes out and have a read through, you sound as if it was him talking 20 months ago , and he is well on the road to recovery,

    But before that, get the morphine dont be in pain, he had the same painas you the others on here are right like Ros said get it x