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  • Oh I could scream, once againI have been unable to post a reply on the last thread I started. I start a new thread title and it works...............why? Can anyone tell me what is wrong? I have contacted admin three times over this and had no reply. Anyone got a solution, I type my message, click on publish and nothing happens. So really need to know how everyone is? Tina I am sorry to hear they can`t offer a trial, but glad Bob is feeling well. I have tried to contact Alison via hotmail but sorry to say I have had no reply. Cybermamc..............I remember you, seems a long time ago we chatted, thank you for your lovely words. Harry is still in remission, last CEA in Oct was 2.4. He saw the bowel surgeon in Nov who is concerned about the abdominal hernias,we thought there was 2, it appears there are 3! The surgery would be considerable he said, a week in hospital, plus 6 weeks recovery. He is on the waiting list which is 18 weeks! His next ct is in Jan, so fingers x`d that will be good news so the hernia op can go ahead. I am tryng very hard to look forward to Christmas, struggling inwardly because of the loss of my Mum. Anyway I hope you are all keeping your spirits up and alive for those who are no longer with us. Love to you all. xx

  • I have given up posting comments or replying to anybody as it takes me half an hour to fathom out the log in system on this site. I, too have written to admin on numerous occasions. 

    I have had operation in April, finished chemo., last week and now waiting to sort out a hernia via keyhole surgery in the New Year. I did not realise that it would be 6 week recovery as you mentioned above.

    Never mind. I am keeping my chin up and am going dancing this Friday. I have also joined an Argentinian tango class. Better that than sitting at home worrying!!!

    Not bothering much about Xmas. Roast chicken, mash and salad for my ,lot. They are grown up sons and will most likely be in bed all day.

    All the best.


  • Hi Jodie, oh good luck wih everything, chemo is awful but my husband is stil here 5 years later because of it. His op will be massive surgery, the three hernias have been caused by the 5 abdominal ops he`s already had! I think with keyhole the recovery period will be much shorter. This site drives me insane, I have been on here for almost 5 years, used it a lot. Then this year problems with posting. Its happened again tonight, I try to post on my old thread and its dead, nothing happens. So I start a new thread as I have done tonight, will be able to reply maybe once or twice, then that thread dies. Weird. Anyway , enjoy the tango class..............sounds fun, something we all need. xx

  • Hi Ann

    Don't scream !!!  I was also having trouble with this new "improved" web site as were many others it seems.  As if we don't have enough to deal with. I'd type a message and then it would disappear and I couldn't turn lines or comment on posts.

    Anyway, help is at hand, one lovely lady, whose name escapes me said that admin had recommended she change her browser to Google Chrome.  I've done this and it works a treat.

    ~Good luck



  • Just checking its still working.......................yippee! I wanted to send love to Gary, you and your darling Clare are never ever forgotten xxx

  • Jody, 

    I hope you have a great time dancing tonight and really enjoy the Argentinian Tango classes. Anything which takes our mind off worrying has to be a good thing!  I really enjoy watching the Latin dances on Strictly Come Dancing. 

    Very best wishes for Christmas and for a Happy and Healthy New Year. 



  • Hi Anne, thanks for thinking of Claire. It's the first time I've been on here for months and it does take getting used to doesn't it? I decided to come on here after last night's Strictly. Claire was an avid Strictly fan, and passed away the morning after Chris Hollins won it in 2009 (Chris "was her favourite") :-)

    Last night there were 3 worthy finalists but, as soon as Louis and Flavia started dancing to "Rule the World", we knew who the winner would be even before the votes were cast. The song has very special meaning for Kate, Rob, Claire and me - not to mention the fact that Claire would have found Louis cute.

    My thoughts are with you all



    One step at a time

  • What made me pop in here tonight? Just a feeling and here you are very own Wise Man. We are all fine, Harry is looking very good apart from 3 large abdominal hernias, more surgery on the horizon. Hi secret I think is............his allotment, esp his shed which is complete with leather arm chair, cooker etc and three g&t`s a night!!! I myself am not a strictly fan but then I hardly get a chance to choose what I want to watch with the trio! I know though that watching something that your child loved can be very comforting, Matthews great love was Formula one. So here we are, the end of another year, a particularly sad one for me losing my Mum, its a strange feeling when both your parents have gone, I just hope and hope they are now with Matthew. To all of you I have met on here I wish with all my heart you have a very happy Christmas and most of all strength and hope to beat this terrible illness. Love and peace to you all. xxx

  • Hello to anyone who remembers me..............I came on here back in 2008 after Harry was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer, spread to his liver and then to his lung. He is currently in remission, has been since June 2012 which is amazing. Last year he had a rough time following surgery to repair an abdominal hernia caused by all the surgery to his liver. Basically after the op he ended up with a massive blood clot in his abdomen which took 12 weeks to drain! Our bad new is he has just been diagnosed with Parkinsons. He developed a tremor in his left hand over a year ago. The oncologist told us it was nothing, a benign tremor caused by the chemo. Well it got worse and other things started to worry me so I made him go to the gp. After 3 months wait for an appt the neurologist diagnosed him within minutes. So now he is on drugs to help that, he has taken this as a real blow. Not fair is it? Our trio will be 17 in Jan, one of the boys is leaving home to go to Harrogate Army College in March. We are very proud of him getting through the selection process but I am soooooo going to miss him. It would be nice to hear from anyone who may remember me, I do still keep in touch with Tina and Bob.  Anne x

  • Hi Ann, Lovely to hear from you, how could I forget you , Harry and the triplets. His journey inspired lots of us, he has done so well. How sad he now has Parkinson's, no it isn't fair but knowing Harry he will try his hardest to still do stuff. I have had over 2 years chemo free and have been enjoying life with my family and had a few holidays. My lung mets continue to grow, so onc has put me on chemo again to try and shrink them back. I am on 5FU again and Irintocan . Have had awful tum ache and feeling very tired , so he has reduced dose and it has been a bit better. Have had 3 and got 9 to go !!! Hopefully my bloods will be ok and I can have chemo next week so then be ok for Christmas. We have all the family Boxing Day , am so looking forward to it, I just love watching my 4 gorgeous grand kids opening their presents. The girls, 5 and 3 are both angels in their nativity's, we are going to see the little one tomorrow in hers. Really good news one of your boys is through to Army college, good luck to him. Bet you will miss him. Don't think I ever quite got over my girls leaving home, can still remember sobbing in their rooms but you know you have done a good job when they fly the nest and get jobs and have family. The girls live very near so see them and grand kids a lot , well when they are not doing football , dancing etc ha. I am stillI in contact with Tina and Bob , lovely couple. You take care and say hi to Harry for me. Have a lovely Christmas. Love Pam x
  • Am on my iPad don't know why it hasn't left paragraphs. 

  • Hi Anne,

    Delighted to hear from you.  I think often of the people who were active on the forum when I turned up looking for help. I can't believe that was five years ago now for me.

    Sorry Harry has another illness to content with but great news that the cancer is not a problem. I got such a shock when you mentioned your son leaving home.  Time flies. My oldest son is sitting his national exams and I keep thinking my job here is nearly done. The next chapter is unfolding and whilst i know its a good thing... its a bit of a thought.

    My mum had another good scan too and it is great for people who have just been diagnosed to see how they are getting on.

    Tell Tina and Bob I said Hi.  

    Much love to you and your gang,


  • Hi Anne,

    How lovely to hear from you. I found your posts to be inspirational with the way you and Harry have dealt with everything that has been thrown your way.

    I am so pleased to hear that Harry is still in remission but I am sorry to hear of his latest diagnosis.

    I can't believe one of your kids is leaving home at 17. My son went off to Uni in September and I am missing him loads. Here's wishing your son all the best.

    With love to you and yours.

    Hins xxx

  • hello, just to say have seen 'triplets' on here a few times, and never worked out who you it's nice to know....! and that so many people have been around since Hope that your husband's parkinsons is being kept under control as well as possible...and sorry to hear that news. Best wishes x

  • Hello everyone! So good to hear from you all................we go back a long long way! Harry is coming to terms with his latest diagnosis, coping with the new meds. The only side effects so far re nauseous and hallucinating! He is keeping active, goes off to his allotment most days but does get more tired now. He will give it his best shot, just like he did the cancer, he never believed he wouldn`t beat it. Its had to imagine the awfulness when he was on the trial chemo, looking back that was the very worst of times, yet he never complained just got on with it. I admire you all, you are all incredibly brave xx  I hope you are all looking forward to Christmas with loved ones and that 2015 brings you renewed good health. Anne x