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Advanced bowel cancer -spread to liver - both lobes

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Advanced bowel cancer -spread to liver - both lobes

  • Hi all, I am new to the group. We were told my husband's liver was diseased 2 weeks ago and have since found out that the primary site is the bowel. We have our first oncologists appt on Monday, so we don't know anything about treatments etc. I am probably being very preemptive, but it's human nature to speculate and want to know more. After some initial research on the cancer research UK website it suggests the outcome is not always good in our situation. I am determined to stay positive until tests suggest otherwise, but I would like to know if anyone else has received or is currently undergoing treatment for similar? I was advised that having the cancer on both parts/lobes of the liver makes it more difficult but not impossible to treat. Any guidance or success stories will be very welcome x Many thanks in advance, from a determined yet apprehensive loving Wife xxxx
  • Hi Katy Marie,

    So sorry you have to find yourself here but you will get lots of support. I don't have specific experience but I wanted you to get a reply while everyone else is waking up...

     I have anal cancer and innumerable liver lesions all over my liver but so far they are just the same so they are just tracking and saying they may not be cancerous. I don't have experience as your husband, but  I do know that they can do some things for people with liver tumours so you keep on staying positive.

    There is a group called secondary liver tumours and you could look in there but try not to look too much on the internet and scare yourself. Stick to here and cancer research site etc and remember statistics are just that....

    This is the worst time the waiting and worrying and what ifs. Once you get going with a plan and know what you are dealing with, it does get easier and there are some amazing people on the bowel group who will support you all the way.

    You can phone the advice line anytime too though they don't open till Monday and of course you will have seen to onc by then.

    oh and there is also a carers group who are lovely too if you need to chat with other carers and partners.. they will understand

    big hug and good luck

    Little My xxx

  • Hi Katy Marie,

    I am another always determined, usually loving wife of a husband who was diagnosed nearly 3 years ago with bowel cancer with secondaries in the liver and lungs.

    I agree with Little My that the waiting is the worst and when you have a plan of action you able able to focus on actuals rather than what ifs.  Treatment for cancer in the liver has progressed so much, as has treatment for bowel cancer.  There are different types of chemo, surgery, RFA, so if one thing doesn't work it doesn't mean others won't.  Members of the group Little My suggested will probably have more information on treatments. I know my husband was reading about a new treatment at Southampton University hospital which isolates the liver and bathes it directly with chemo - new treatments are being tried all the time.  

    Do try and stay positive even if tests suggest otherwise - it is the results to treatment that matter and every patient will respond differently.   Never be afraid to ask questions of the doctors and oncologists about treatment.  

    I am sorry you have had to find yourselves here but you will find lots of information help and support.  I only joined quite recently and wish I had much earlier.  I am also a member of the Carers Only group - if you need people to talk to who will understand exactly how you feel about what your husband and you are facing, that is the place!

    I hope your meeting on Monday is useful and you leave with at least the start of a plan of treatment.


    Hiloa xx


  • I'm having treatment for secondaries in my liver (I had lung secondaries too, but they didn't show on the last scan). I was to have a liver resection last December but more cancer was found in my abdomen so they didn't do the op and I started chemo in February. I've finished chemo now but continuing with cetuximab, which is supposed to stop the tumour growing. my next scan is in January which should show if it's working. Ablation was also an option rather than the resection but resection was considered to be better for me. I hope this helps - my cancer journey has been ongoing for over 5 years now, just coming up to my 1st scar's 5th birthday! Mandy
  • Hiya Katy Marie, my father - in - law has the exact same going on at the mo. He is classed as incurable. Oncologist suggested 6 fortnightly chemo sessions with Folfox and 5Fu. We have got to treatment no.4 next wk, with very little or no symptoms whatsoever. I also say my f-i-l is 73 and VERY STUBBORN. I think that his no way is this happening to me stance on the cancer is getting him a long way. I will just say that this thing aint easy. We are hoping 4 a success story with a scan after treatment no.6. I wish u and hubby well, The most important thing to remember is take some time out for yourself, its easy to let the bloody cancer take over your life. Make sure u have plenty of support  and some ME time. You will need it!!! 

  • Hi ,

    Welcome to the site.

    It is great that you are getting informed about your husbands condition. It is a big system to negotiate and being informed has helped us ask for other opinions that have altered treatment plans and changed outcomes.

    This will be our fourth Christmas since my mum's cancer was detected and she had an established spread of five tumours in the liver. As others have said even if surgery is not possible there are other treatment options available and chemotherapy has been a major player in keeping my mum here, rough as it was.

    Interestingly enough my mum has ignored most of the details of her condition focusing on what she needed to do to stay well through treatment. We did the research!

    Glad you joined us.

    Take care,





  • Hello everyone, How are you and your respective relatives? I hope you are all well & fighting the good fight. I'm sorry I have t replied sooner to everyone's helpful and inspiring comments. I've been meaning to, but haven't been able to find the energy to. But here I am now better late than never. Your replies, advice and support have been a real source of strength over the past awful week or so. Last Monday we were told that his cancer is terminal and extremely aggressive and that any treatment will now be to prolong life rather than cure. With that in mind we decided to come home to Germany where we live(die to husband's job) so when he starts treatment he would at least be in comfortable surroundings and where our beloved dog lives. Every little helps doesn't it And if it helps him feel happier then we will do it. So he has now had various tests under the German system also, and the team looking after him so far have been great. As I already have something called IBD he has been seeing the same team so we know he is in good hands and they seem more willing to try things than the UK doctors. Anyway I'm waffling now sorry. Long story short the doctors here have confirmed what the UK said, that the cancer in terminal. Incurable and at best we could have 2 years left together. Not surprisingly I am devastated. We are a young married couple, hubby is 31 and we have not been able to have children yet. I know everyone says to stay strong and stay positive and keep fighting, and on the outside I am, but inside I just feel like my world has been ripped apart and can not bear to think of a time when he will not be here to give me a hug or hold my hand. I am still determined to fight, and will do everything in my power to keep him healthy as long as possible, but it's so hard when the medical professionals, the experts, are telling u otherwise. I feel physically sick at the thought of losing him and what this awful disease is doing to him. Sorry this is such a negative reply but I feel emotionally and physically drained tonight but knew I had to reply in some way. I sincerely hope your journeys are going much better than ours right now. The current treatment plan is to remove the primary site in the bowel to remove risk of blockage/narrowing then treat the liver and lymph nodes with chemo. This may happen the other way round depending on the outcome of a meeting tomorrow. Either way he will be having surgery Thursday to either perform the bowel resection or insert a port into his chest/shoulder for chemo to be administered through. It's so hard to think of things like Christmas at a time like this isn't it?! Hope to post Again sooner. But if not hope you all have a good Christmas with your loved ones xxx
  • Hi Katy_Marie, 

    I am very sorry that you have received this news about your husband. I hope that he has a successful operation this Thursday.  Please do not give up hope. 

    I wish I could give you a huge hug and hold you tight. 

    Matt xxxx

  • Thank you matt, The hug is very much appreciated. I managed to sleep eventually last night which is good. Looking fwd to going in to hospital today so I can have my cuddle xxx Thank u all x
  • Nothing I can add but more hugs, Katy, and I'm thinking of you both.
  • Hi Katie,


    Wanted to let you know how sorry I am about your dear hubby, but wanted to agree with Matt, never give up hope, being positive really helps.

    Am sending a big hug to you both.

    Pam xxx

  • Hi everyone, Thank you for all your encouraging messages and hugs once again. I've been quiet on here as I've been busy with the man post op. The surgeon tells me that while they were in resecting his bowel, they also found his cancer has spread with lots of spikes in the peritoneal cavity. Do any of you have experience of treatment plans and his chances with this new discovery? I have no experience of cancer this aggressive and would be grateful for any encouraging stories. He is currently taking a long time to recover in intensive care from his op, and I worry that the operation has knocked him so much that chemo is going to hit I'm even harder than other patients. Thanks & much love xxx
  • Thinking of you and your hubby! Hope he recovers quickly from the op Cazz x
  • Hi ,

    Hope your husband is starting to show signs of recovery now. It can be slow for some people initially and I had similar concerns for my mum , then all of a sudden she made progress. I would imagine he would have a period of recovery before they start chemo.

    I was just wondering if you have come across "The colon club". It is based in America but there is a lot of contributions from around the world and I am sure there was someone on recently with a similar spread .

    It is very hard to be on the receiving end of one of the dicussion about prognosis, however in a stage 4 setting it can be more about how you respond to chemo and reducing the tumour burden, opening up other treatment options and pushing boundaries. Germany seems to get a good reputation and it must be good to trust the team he is under already.

    Chemo alone opened up other options for my mum and one treatment lead to another.

    Thinking of you both and your might be able to access treatment options on the above mentioned site.

    Kind regards,