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Post-TURBT Regime

No. of entries: 12 | Posted on 16 Aug 2011 6:45 PM

Post-TURBT Regime

  • Hi Folks,

    I was diagnosed around a month ago and had my first TURBT last Thursday.  So far I'm glad to say the after-effects haven't been a big deal, although I know it's very early days yet ! 

    My local hospital and urologists are very good, but for some strange reason they don't do leaflets about individual operations like some hospitals do. Consequently on discharge you get some rather vague and garbled verbal instructions if you're lucky, rather than a long list of do's and dont's.  Most of what I know about about how to behave has come from this site or from general Googling !

    Anyway, my prime question is this:- I was told to drink plenty, and I've been doing just that, but what I can't get a handle on is how long I should be swilling ridiculous amounts of water for ?  I know it's necessary and I know why, but it does make me feel bloated and queasy so I don't want to go on doing it for any longer than I have to.  All advice will be gratefully received !


  • Hello John,

    Firstly i am sorry that you find yourself here the club that nobody wants to join as they say, but i feel you have arrived at the right place, i hope you find the answers you are looking for and that you find the site benificial.

    I too was diagnosed with bladder cancer last sept, had the TURBT in October a week later, although i had other problems and complications that are still ongoing, I found it benificial drinking, not copious amounts of water, but more than i would have normally for about 3 months, i must say that since returning to work some 5 months later i have slipped back into my old ways of not really drinking enough fluid throughout the day as before.

    As a guide i am advised that between 2 and 3 ltrs of fluid a day is required, however if that is making you feel bloated, then maybe there is another unidentified problem perhaps? following the TURBT it is important to be flushing, filling and emptying the bladder until the healing process is complete, this you will see at the your  3 month post op flexible cystoscopy with your own eyes up on the screen. I was also told that to aim for 4 or 5 leaks a day as opposed the 2 i was doing before.

    I hope this information is of some help to you as a guide, from one patient to another so to speak.

    Take care & best of luck with it, if i can be of any assistance please get in touch


  • Pauli,

    Thanks for your reply, it's always nice to hear other people's experiences.

    It sounds as though my problem prior to the TURBT was the opposite of yours ! I would have been overjoyed to be able to confine myself to 4 - 5 leaks per day, but in my case it was more like a dozen per day and I was having to train myself not to get up during the night as well.  My fluid intake before all this started consisted of anything up to 6 mugs of tea per day plus a couple of mugs of coffee - let's say about 1.5 litres in all - and on those days when I allowed myself a few beers the total daily intake was more like 3.5 litres.   Anyway, I think the mistake I'm making now is to continually drink water without any reference to the quantity - so from now on I'm going to count the number of glasses and make sure I'm not overdoing it.

    The odd thing in my case is that I have been investigated for possible prostate problems (nothing found yet) for the best part of 5 years, and the bladder tumours were only found by chance when my GP sent me for an ultrasound exam.  I don't think the Urologists would ever have looked there while they had a high PSA figure to focus their attentions on, although I will admit I could have made more fuss about my frequency issue.

    As a result of the ongoing high PSA readings, I had a saturation prostate biopsy performed at the same time as the TURBT; I thought this might complicate my recovery, but so far I wouldn't even know they'd been in there.  What it does mean though is that when I go back to Outpatients in a fortnight or so I've got two sets of pathology results to "look forward" to.  Ho hum......



  • I must say I found it hard to get through 2 - 3 litres of water a day post TURBT. Probably managed about 1.5 - 2 L water, plus another 0.5 other fluids which seemed to keep urine suitably dilute & frequent. I'm trying to keep up at least 1.5 - 2 L daily intake water/juice etc now. Coffe & alcohol are diuretics, so don't count - in fact you should drink more water to compensate for those!


  • That's interesting, I thought the diuretic effect was what I was aiming for, at least in the narrow sense of increasing the rate of urination.  I'm obviously missing something here - not unusual for me !   

    One of the effects I was hoping for once ( or rather if ) all this settles down was to NOT have to run to the toilet every hour or so, and not to have to stop every 50 miles on the motorway.  Has anyone found that having a TURBT (and thus removing the irritations from the bladder) eventually helped their frequency/urgency ?

  • Dear John,

    It seems no two cases are the same but can be similar, once you have the results of your recent op you will be more able to digest and understand exactly what you are up against, I think we all find the wait for these results the most harrowing time, because of the unknown factor, in my case i was lucky i have a non invasive type that responds well to treatment (TCC G1 pTa), and for now 9 months down the road it has remained away, however during the 5 years of checks and treatments it can return at any time, for me its a constant worry as i have the same form of the decease that my father had and surcumbed to, however i am told treatments are better now! it remains to be seen, so for now i just have to get on with it and carry on as normal.

    I wish you the best of luck and hope you get the results very soon.


  • The problem with coffee & alcohol being diuretic is that although you produce lots of urine, it is at the expense of dehydrating your body. For good kidney function & reduce toxins/irritation in bladder, you need to process other liquids such as water, milk, juice.

    I had no bladder problems (that I was aware of) prior to TURBT. In my case, having mitomycin as well, it set off irritation that lasted for some weeks - only resolved after a subsequent biopsy removal of necrotic tissue resulting from the mitomycin.

    If your frequency of urination was caused by the tumour, then hopefully things will improve for you. Your consultant should be able to advise.

  • Update :-   Haven't seen any sign of a post-op appointment as yet, but appointments have arrived for both bone scan and MRI scan.  Someone is being very thorough !

  • Hope all goes well with those.



  • OK folks, I got my results finally.   My tumours were graded Ta G1 thankfully so there's nothing more to do there immediately, other than the regular cystoscopies of course.  MRI and bone scans were clear.

    Unfortunately the prostate biopsy came back positive, so I'm going to need some treatment for that.  I guess I'd better get myself over to the Prostate Forum and introduce myself there !


  • Just looking back at my early posts in this thread.  Oddly I seem to have gotten my wish - I don't have to "go" nearly as often as I did prior to the TURBT.


    A small victory I know, but I'll take anything I can get just now......



  • It's good to be able to see the plus points!

    Sone of my friends are envious of my (obligatory) 3 - 4 hour gaps now I'm 'neobladder training'. Easier said than done....