Any young people out there with bladder cancer? under age 25?

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Any young people out there with bladder cancer? under age 25?

No. of entries: 15 | Posted on 03 Dec 2008 03:54
  • I was just wondering if there were any younger people who have experienced having bladder cancer. I'm 23 years old and have had a tumour removed in March and it just recently reoccurred. I just find it so messed up that the majority of the people affect with this type of cancer are males, over the age of 50. Everytime I ask my doctor what can i do to stop this from reoccurring she tells me that I'm already doing everything i can as I dont smoke etc. But I've never had a cigarette in my life! So how can not doing what i've already not been doing be a preventative measure??? I'm just so frustrated. At least if i knew that this was happening due to genetics I would know there is nothing to I can do. But not knowing why is just killing me.

    Anyone want to share their feels?

    Thanks. just needed to vent.
  • Afraid I'm neither, any more at least. Mine isn't bladder cancer, but I was first diagnosed at 24, now 27. Just wanted to say that I think havig cancer as a young adult throws up a lot of different issues to those who have it a little later, which often seem to slip off the general radar. I personally find it difficult to identify people who seem appropriate to sound off at these about, - either people are older so you sound like you're envying them or lecturing them on how they should have lived their life, or people are your own kind of age and feel guilty for what they've got that you want! So if any young people fancy a ranton this theme - or any other of course - please message me! As for the question of 'why me?' I've never been offered any real answers to that one unfortunately, but then if we knew, what could we really do with the information after the event? If we'd been told to avoid something 'just in case' we probably wouldn't have done. I now have lung cancer, my dad and my best friend have seen the affects on me as well as visiting me in hospital and seeing everyone else, yet they smoke as heavily as ever! (I never smoked by the way.) I've stopped dwelling on 'why' half as much as I used to, though obviously it still gets me on bad days. Hopefully it'll stop bugging you too in the end. XX
  • Hello

    I'm not under 25 but I am a female and I first found I had bladder cancer when I was 50.

    I can't say that I understand how you feel as a younger person but if I can help in any way I will try - just ask.

    One of the things I tried to do was to get myself as fit as I could and I am sure it helped.

  • Hi... I was diagnosed last yr with bladder cancer and being female and at the time 40 thought "why me" as i'm told it usually men over sixty.. I have no idea...I have always been a bit of a health freak ie went to the gym 4 times a week..ate well and generally looked after myself.... there is also no history in the family so i guess its the way of the world unfortunatly.. i wish you well in your request and will be watching your replys as any info is good... keep your chin up and i wish u well x
  • Im not as young as you (im 46) but i am female . Like you ive never smoked ever.No one in the house smokes.The only thing my dr can put it down to is the fact that i had persistent cystitis for about 2 years.When i was diagnosed(bladder cancer) it was like being hit with a hammer.It really threw me .Sort of made me feel as if i was outside looking in a very strange and numb feeling.That was last june ive had a few cystoscopies since then where they burn the bits off.But this time im told its a little deeper.Not muscular but enough to give me a 6 week course of bcg which worries me.What worries me more is if it doesnt work what then?. Im worried ,im scared to be honest im sort of spaced but at the same time hopeful
  • I am a 21 year old female and I just found out that I had the first stages of bladder cancer. I was having symptoms that my doctor thought were related to a urinary infection for over a year until I was referred to a urologist. They found a tumour removed it just last month and I'll have to be closely watched with routine cystoscopies and CT scans every 3 months for at least 2 years, then yearly for the rest of my life. I'll be going in for my first CT scan this week to see if my kidneys have been affected as well.

    I can completely understand your frustration. My urologist has absolutely no idea how someone my age could have developed bladder cancer. I do not smoke or do drugs and I have never been exposed to any toxins that could have caused the tumour. I am considered her youngest case, as before it was a 27 year old female.

    I also have no idea if there is any way to prevent it from coming back. I haven't been given any suggestions, and all they can do is just keep an eye on me to see if there is any regrown.
  • I'm right there with ya brother. Summer '07 I was 21 and around July I had a cancerous tumor removed from my bladder and so far I have had no recurrences. My urologist performed cystoscopys on me every three months for a year and now I have them every 6 months. I recently moved to a different state from my urologist and now i need to find a new one... dang I liked my urologist he was a cool guy.

    I also didn't smoke cigarettes BUT from the time I was 16 up until I was diagnosed I was a heavy marijuana smoker (so if you do burn please please stop for your physical health). I can say with lots of confidence that along with family history/genetic predisposition that it was the carcinogens in the marijuana smoke that caused my cancer. Your symptoms seem much more mysterious as you are not a smoker. I hope and pray that your health improves until cancer is no longer in your body.

    - Josh
  • I'm 33 male , living in Dubai , i was diagnosed in April 2009 and i had surgery and they removed the tumor that i have superfcial bladder cancer T1a G3 .i had six dozes of BCG .
    i was smoking but not heavy smoker and i was drinking alot of Pepsi and Coffee but i gave up all of these things , also i was working under high pressure and stress but i quit also from that job.
    the beautiful thing about cancer is making you thinking about how things must go . the priority wise !! be positive and thank god that u are having kind of cancer curable and removable !! what shall you do if it was other kind of cancer which is not curable at all !! and even in your case what would you do if it went very aggressive and went down to the bladder muscles .!
    you have to be positive my dear and good luck .. it's only matter of follow up
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