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(For my Dad) Cystoscopy to biopsy, how long?

No. of entries: 7 | Posted on 14 Mar 2013 11:01 AM

(For my Dad) Cystoscopy to biopsy, how long?

  • I'm posting here on behalf of my Dad as I'm quite concerned about waiting times etc within the NHS.


    My Dad has not had a diagnosis yet.  He had a Cystoscopy last Thursday (7th March) which found a 'sinister red patch' inside the bladder. It also found a lump on the prostate.


    Yesterday (and only because we got in touch with the Macmillan support Nurse) we were told that he has the Prostate biopsy on Monday and then the CT scan the following week.  


    No news on the pre-op for the bladder biopsy or the biopsy itself.  My question is, is this normal??  The M Nurse said that she expected it to be arranged for after Easter.  That's a 4+ week wait from the Cystoscopy appt.


    I was always under the impression that things like this were quite quick within the NHS.


    Thank you for reading,




  • Hello Claire I'm so sorry to hear about your dad and the stress you are all under due to the waiting times.It does seem at times that it is the patient who has to do all the chasing up of appointments etc.Hospitals and consultants all seem to have their own ways of working.It must also be worrying as your dad has not as yet had a firm diagnosis.I can only asume they want to complete all their tests before they decide on a course of action re the bladder biopsy or any other treatment/tests.Each hospital has a urology nurse specialist and usually they are very helpful so it maybe worth phoning them and asking for some clarity on what is to happen and when.Cruton x
  • Hi Claire, We're a year on now on this journey my dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer last January. The way we've found things is that he goes in for the biopsy and then there is a 4 week wait for the results. This seems to be where you're at? The meeting then takes place with the nurse and they discuss treatment. When dad had a CT scan the wait was extended to 6 weeks. I guess the wait is to ensure they have everything ready for the meeting when they discuss treatment. The waiting is always the worst but it seems to be in line with my experience. When Dad had his latest biopsy in January and then at the 4 week later appointment they told us the red patch was scaring and nothing to worry about. He therefore hasn't had any further treatment yet and goes in every 3 months for a "look see" to make sure all is o'k. I hope this helps offer some reassurance and I wish you and your family all the best xx
  • Thank you for your replies...

    Dad hasn't had the bladder biopsy yet, he had his first cystoscopy last Thursday (7th March) and following this they want to do 2 biopsies (prostate and bladder) .. we have appts through for the prostate and the CT scan but nothing about the bladder and this is my concern, that the Macmillan nurse says that the bladder biopsy will be after easter she imagines.

    My concern is; is it normal to wait roughly 4 weeks to have a biopsy performed when they found a red patch at his cystoscopy?



  • Hi, Yes again as far as I know totally normal to wait 4 weeks x
  • Thanks hun xx

  • Hi

    I am recently going through a similar timeline as your dad. I had a flexible cystoscopy on 22nd Jan and they said I needed to go back for a GA rigid cystoscopy for biopsies. This was done on 1st March after appointments for an ultrasound scan and x-ray. I go for my results/consultant clinic on 2nd April.

    I find the waiting between appointment times difficult because, for me, I just want to know where I am at with this thing! When I spoke to the specialist nurse at a pre-assessment session prior to the rigid cystoscopy she said that if my condition was more serious she would not be messing about filling in forms at that stage. I guess that was some kind of comfort (?).

    Waiting is difficult but try to keep positive and I hope everything goes well. Best wishes.