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Slough/Necrotic tissue

No. of entries: 4 | Posted on 18 Dec 2012 8:39 PM

Slough/Necrotic tissue

  •  Well, Its good news for me. I went into hospital on Monday 10th for my first Cystoscopy check since the operation to remove the cancer cells. I was able to watch the whole procedure on the screen.  To walk into the room with four female nurses in there was a bit daunting at first, But my anxiety only lasted a few seconds, They were all very profesional, At doing what is quite an undignified procedure. The nurse was giving a commentary as she was doing it, Telling me there is the left Ureter, Then there is the right Ureter and so on. All Ok until I spotted something that looked like a growth, But even before I could ask she was very quick to point out that," That is`nt Cancer" She wrote on the Discharge Summary that it was Slough/Necrotic tissue, I think it is some dead cells that have formed at the site where the Cancer cells were. However, I have been told by the Urologist that they would like me to go back in and have it removed within the next couple of months. I have read on the internet that this Dead tissue can get in the way of the healing process, Can anyone verify this. I have also read that Cancer cells could hide behind it ?. All I have had in the way of therapy is a one of dose of Mitimycin C when I had the operation. Anyway, So far So good. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.  The biggest bit of the dead tissue is just 1mm.   Jamesv88


  • I would really like a reply to my post on 18 Dec 2012, I just dont think that I can be the only one that has had this type of problem. Jamesv88

  • Hi James, No you're not alone. I had lots of surgical scarring around my ureter following initial surgery , high grade tumour, and I was told not to worry, they would keep an eye on it. Now, 7 months on from first surgery, following BCG treatment, my last cystoscopy showed very little scarring or damage at all. Seems that the healing process goes on for a few months at least. So it may be best to leave it and see what happens on next scope. You are better than me, I couldn't watch the screen during procedure, too uncomfortable! But they took some lovely photos of my bladder last time and let me take some home! Good luck with your treatment & Merry Christmas. Tim
  • Hi Tim   Many thanks for your reply, Yes, I to had a photo of my bladder to take home. I have found that not many people want to look at it though. My last cystoscopy was nothing more than a bit uncomfortable, I guess its going to feel different each time, Depending on how well you can relax yourself. Mind you, I know to relax is easier said than done but I managed it the last time despite that there were four females in the room, But that does`nt matter much does it. I must say though, The nurse that did it seemed to put quite a lot of aneasthetic in the Urethra first , Just maybe that made it better. Our bladders are wonderful containers, I am 66 years old now. If I have had a wee three times a day since I was born thats 3 x 365 x 66 = 72270  Fill ups and empties, And that little valve that lets it all happen, Well, Thats amazing. Once again thanks for your reply, I am pleased to have contacted someone in much the same position as I am,  Jamesv88