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Our friend in hospital

No. of entries: 5 | Posted on 31 Jan 2013 11:53 PM

Our friend in hospital

  • Hi All,

    Just had a message from Robin. She finished her treatment last Tuesday, but since then had to be admitted to hospital last Saturday. Poor Robin! It has not been straightforward for her at all! She just wanted me to let you know why she had dropped off the radar.

    Robin doesn't have her laptop, but has her iphone with her so I guess she can read our messages anyway!

    Let's hope she gets to feel better soon & can really start to recover from treatment.

    Liz x

  • hi robin,

    heres to a speedy recovery and so far so good from now on

    take care double hug love michele and add xxx    xxx

  • Hi robin, just a quick note to say hope u r feeling better soon we are all thinking about u on the tough journey u ave had. Take care Trish. Xx
  • Hello Robin, sorry to hear that things have been tough... hope that you will be on the mend soon... Violet xx 

  • Hi Robin

    Have been thinking of you the last couple of weeks,hope you feel much better soon,keep strong and lets hope the worst is over for you,hope you will be back here soon

    With big hugs and very best wishes Annie    xx


    PS to all of you that have had a bad time lately my best wishes, sorry I have not been online but my muscles and joints have flared up and its pretty painfull to type,I have been keeping up with your news I send a big hug to everyone

    Annie xxx