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life after left lung removal any one experienced this op plese

No. of entries: 2 | Posted on 29 May 2012 8:15 AM

life after left lung removal any one experienced this op plese

  • i have been diagnosed with lung cancer in the left lung 3 weeks ago and so
    far I have had an xray, CT scan bronchoscopy and biopsy taken and finally a PET
    scan. Today I see the respitatory team and have been told the tumour is 2.99cm
    in diameter, I will be seeing the thorasic surgeon to discuss possibly having it
    surgically removed. The only issue is it seems to be very near to my pumonary
    artery. If it is inoperable then I will recieve upto 5 wks daily radical
    radiotherapy. So thats me! I am 53 years of age and stopped smoking 17th Dec

    tomorrow wednesday i go into hopsital to have the tumour and either top half
    of lung or whole lung removed as precauition...has anyone else had the lung
    removed if so what happens next? how will i feel? will i cope with one lung?

  • Hi