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Mum has breast cancer im scared

No. of entries: 2 | Posted on 11 Sep 2013 7:56 PM

Mum has breast cancer im scared

  • I'm new to this site, hope you don't mind me wittering on! My mum is 62 and she had recently had a mammogram, she had to have a screening and biopsy done and was told she had a very small cancerous lump. She goes in for her op on the 17th to remove the lump and to take away some active glands. Then after she recovers she has to go to hospital every day for 5 weeks radiotherapy. I am very very close to mum, I am 39 and when I was 2yrs old I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and have it in every joint. My family have been there my whole life but especially mum, she is my rock and I cant bear the thought of losing her. My auntie (mums sister) had breast cancer, she had an op and was clear for 7 years then it came back to her brain, she died in 2002 the same age as mum is now. I am petrified the same is going to happen to mum. So scared they are going to discover there is more to it, I suffer from Chronic Anxiety Disorder also so I am always thinking the worst and on edge constantly. Any advice?

  • Oh Sweetheart, Breast Cancer is one of the most treatable of the cancers and it has a brilliant survival rate. It also sounds as if they have caught it very early which is another good point. Do join the 'Carers Only' group and the 'Breast Cancer Group' where I'm sure you'll find lots of help and support.  To join the groups go to the word GROUPS at the top of this page and then scroll through until you find the groups you want to join.

    Best wishes