Joint pain in my hip after lung cancer last year.

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Joint pain in my hip after lung cancer last year.

No. of entries: 23 | Posted on 23 Apr 2009 01:51
  • Hi all,
    I'm just wandering if anyone has experienced something similar to me. I had lung cancer last year, an operation followed by chemotherapy sorted me out & I was told they'd got it all in November which was great news!
    These past few weeks I've been getting pains in my hip sometimes when I sit & when I lie flat. At first I thought I must have pulled something but its still hanging around. I've spoken to my hospital who have said its probably a side effect from the chemotherapy but they're sending me for a hip x-ray just to check it out. Then they've said if the pain is still here in a couple of weeks they'll send me for a bone scan.
    I know you can have all sorts of side effects from chemo but I'm worried its the cancer back again. They always seemed quite surprised that it hadn't spread anywhere so I'm thinking this is it!!
    Any similar stories would be a good help to me!
  • I think you're doing exactly the right thing in getting it checked out. Hopefully it is not the cancer returning, but if it is, then obviously you want to know as soon as possible, so you can get cracking on it second time around.

    I'm afraid I don't know enough about bone mets (as my husband did not have them) but I know a lot of people here do have experience of them, either as patients or carers.

    I'm glad you are getting an X-ray done, but personally, unless the X-ray is conclusively NOT cancer (and I'm sorry, maybe X rays can't say that definitively!), then I can't see the point in making you wait several weeks for the bone scan. I appreciate that NHS funds are always stretched, but this, after all, potentially cancer we are talking about, not something that can be safely left to see if it goes away on its own!

    Again, others here may well be able to give you much better answers, but I would think it only prudent to get a scan done anyway, unless the X ray can 100% rule out cancer. If there is, say, a waiting time anyway to get bone scans done, isn't it better to 'get in the queue' straight away, so the minimum amount of time is lost before a clear, unambiguous diagnosis is made.

    All the very best, and here's hoping it IS just something like post-chemo effects.


  • Hi Vicky
    I can give you our experience which may or may not be helpful. My husband had a bone scan before his surgery and they found a "hotspot" in his hip. It was very small so they thought it was probably arthritis and went ahead with his bladder surgery (Thankfully) however some months later he fell and hurt his hip, and it didn't get better. He had an x-ray which showed a hairline fracture in his pelvis. That would have been it, they weren't concerned at all, however I remembered the "hotspot" and insisted he have a cat scan (or was it MRI? can't remember now) Anway that showed he had 3 spots of bone cancer in his pelvis as well as lung mets.
    So you need to get it checked, but an x-ray is pointless, its a scan you need. Also bone scans only show "hotspots" believe it or not! Only a pet scan or (and here I get mixed up again whether its a cat or MRI?) can show whether it is actually cancer.
    I sincerely hope that your hip problem isn't more cancer, and I have heard that chemo can cause different types of reactive arthritis, which would obviously be simpler. However, even if it does turn out to be the dreaded C it will be treatable.
    Big hugs for you x x x
    HarryBarb x x x
  • my mother started getting hip pain 4 years after her chemo for bowel cancer, it started in her right hip and radiated down her leg to her toes and in2 her groin, she was diagnosed with sciatica and had an mri scan which showed up nothing (they did it on the base of her spine, we thought they'd done it on her hip).
    jump to 5 months later after several hospital visits, her losing the use of her leg, and my sister going nuts at doctors at the hospital to do some tests, they did a ct scan which showed up mets in her lung, liver and of course her bones.
    The doctor told her if the doctors had done an xray they would have definately picked up the bone cancer and tests and treatment would have been an option but as it was 5 months later the cancer was "extensive" and she died exactly 10 weeks later.
    Not a happy story that probably doesnt give you hope but I do have a point to this which is........ if you have 1 test done and you feel in your gut you are not happy with the result push for all the tests you want to put your mind at rest and do it asap. Hopefully it just shows arthritis, or a slight weakining of the bone or even a muscle strain and i wish you all the luck in the world but if you want it investigated push for it. Dont be scared or feel like you are being a nuiscance because remember its your body and your life on the line and if I could go back I would love to just fight for that 1 xray that would have given me just a few more months with my beautiful mother and i'm sure your family would feel the same if anything was to happen to you.
    As I said I hope its nowt but check it out from every angle asap and get the treatment you deserve.
    best of luck
    kirby xxx
  • Hi Vix, Sorry to hear about the pains you are having. It's such a worry when you have already been through the mill.

    I have only had the Lobectomy so far for lung cancer, still awaiting full results. i know I had hip pain before the op which I was concerned with but haven't had it just lately. I am getting some weird pains since the op on the same side but put this down to the nerves and muscles all affected. i did have a pet scan before the op which the dr said did not show any other hotspots other than the lungs so I suppose in a way this put me a bit at ease (not sure if this shows bones). I also know that i sit differently and tend to favour one side to the other which puts a strain on the hips and back.

    It is always best to get it checked out so make sure you have the xray and scans. What you have been through can affect your body for a long time in the future. Keep us posted .lots of Love and hugs Dee X
  • Hi All, thanks for all the advice. I had the hip x-ray & it showed up nothing at all . My oncologists first response was that its a reaction to the damage done by chemo; the x-ray has backed that up so I'm feeling much happier. Its hard not to think every ache & pain is something bad but I'm trying to be sensible! The hospital has been very good and have said if I'm at all doubtful or if the pain is still there in a couple of weeks them I'm to go in for more tests. So I'm happy with that! They were really quick about it all too which I think is great that they're sensitive to how I'm feeling.
    Dee, even now, nearly a year after my lobectomy my nerves are still on their way back to life!! So I know that can go on for a long time around the wound etc. I've not got the feeling back in a few places yet but I think over time that will improve. I think the PET scan shows everything up doesn't it? Mine just showed the lung problem too so I think thats good news!
    I'm feeling good this weekend, (I've learnt which positions make my hip go bad!) and we're about to have a bbq in the sunshine. It may sound a bit 'touchy-feely' but after everything, a simple thing like nice weather & a bbq makes me feel stupidly happy!!
    I hope everyone is managing to enjoy the weekend and the sunshine. XXX

  • Brilliant news Vix, it;'s such a relief when you get the thumbs up and it's good to know that they act on any worries you have. Hope you had a great BBQ. days like that are the special times in life and make everything worth while.(especially when you've worked out comfortable hip positions!)

    Only just realised I hadn't posted on here. Not used to all the different threads, trying to find them again was my prob but have realised if I tag everything in my discussions they are all there.

    Can you remember Vix how long it took for you to feel comfy exercising. At the moment I'm doing little walks (more like shuffles) round the block etc which is a start.
  • Hi Dee,
    To be honest I'm not sure, I was walking around, just down the road etc, after about three weeks but not exercising. I started my chemo six weeks after the op & I hadn't started any exercise by then & obviously that stopped any thought of it so its a bit tricky to say I'm afraid. Plus, I got an infection at the top of my scar & it opened up again (sound gruesome I know but if its on your back you can't see it!!) so again that probably slowed me down too. I'm a great believer in listening to what your body says!
    How're you feeling now? A bit easier on the moving around?
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