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Oramorph For Breathlessness & Coughing......Can It Make Coughing Worse?

No. of entries: 8 | Posted on 16 Apr 2009 3:00 AM

Oramorph For Breathlessness & Coughing......Can It Make Coughing Worse?

  • Hi

    I just wondered if anyone had any experiences of Oramorph for breathlessness.

    Dad (lung cancer patient) mentioned to district nurse yesterday about being breathless. She had a word with GP who pescribed Oramorph 1.25mls up to four times a day to help.

    We saw Palliative Care Consultant today and we mentioned this to her along with the fact that Dad is being kept awake due to coughing. Consultant advised that I could give Dad 5mls of Oramorph before he goes to bed.

    Gave Dad 1.25mls of Oramorph at about 4.30pm today and he was fine after this. He had some coughing from about 7.00pm -8.00pm.

    I did not give Dad a full 5mls before bed as he has never taken this before and I was just a bit cautious. At about 2.30am I heard him downstairs making the most dreadful moaning sounds. When I got down he said he had slept from just after 11.00pm and then woken not long ago feeling more breathless than ever and with a feeling of thick congestion and coughing. No patient information leaflet was given to me with the Oramorph at the Chemist so I have been checking internet and I do note that one of the side effects is breathlessness. Which isn't reassuring! But I also see that it is given to help with breathlessness which is confusing.

    I just wondered if it is just coincidence that Dad is breathless and coughing or can the Oramorph actually make this worse?

    He is a lot calmer now and breathing a little better. I will be ringing the District Nurses but I thought if anyone saw this they may have some advice.

    I am really disappointed he is like this because we had a good session with Consultant and Dad had been really positive and lively since we got back. It's like five steps forward, four back!

    Any advice appreciated.

    Best wishes.
  • Hiya
    Probably not much help,but i can remember reading on here that oramorph is given for breathlessness
    maybe just to calm the patient
    hope the district nurse can be of more help
    Hope things settle
    Sheree xx
  • I have seen this subject raised before at there may be some help from the folk who answered there. Best wishes Charles
  • Hi there. I take oramorph to help with my breathing. It just seems to slow things down for me which makes it easier. It does sometimes make me cough, sometimes feel like it is choking me but I think that is because it kind of coats everything as it goes down and sticks to the edges it that makes sense! Sometimes it can make me cough for a good few minutes but then it settles down - I really wouldn't be without it now. Hope this can offer you a little reassurance x x x
  • Hi, Im a kidney cancer patient who has just undergone a partial nephrectomy of one of my kidneys and have been given oramorph as part of my pain control. It works really well but I have noticed that breathlessness seems to be increasing as the days go on so I am very interested in your theory. I have suspected mets to the lungs and as I am off my sutent drug to allow my wound to healI did wonder if the lung mets were on the move. For me it would be great if it was the Oramorph causing the breathlessness. Good luck>

    Bob Jk
  • Hi

    Not sure about the breathlessness but hubbie found the oramorph calmed his coughing down and when he mentioned it to the doctor she said it will ease coughing.

    Helen xxx
  • hi there, i have been on oramorph for ten years + for breakthrough pain. and it works for me and it also helps you to relax, and that is what may be the answer. if you are still not sure ring the nurse. x hope he is ok
  • Hi

    I just wanted to thank everyone who replied to my post. Many, many thanks for your advice and support.

    I apologise for not esponding sooner but it's turning out to be the "week from hell"!!! My cousin's husband (and they are a great support to me) was in a near fatal accident yesterday and is very ill in hospital at the moment. My mum who is not well anyway seems to be suffering from anxiety attacks and is experiencing nausea, she had a really bad spell yesterday, my car had a flat battery and the goldfish died!!!! The only person who seems to be in good spirits is my DAD !! Who, after being so breathless and ill during the early hours of Thursday morning has made some kind of miraculous recovery. Good thing I've got a sense of humour!! (but not at 2am in a morning!).

    District Nurse attended yesterday and did not think the Oramorph would cause dad to be more breathless or make cough worse. We decided not to give him any more Oramorph until late yesterday afternoon and leave it at that one dose and see how he went. He was fine after this one dose and he managed to get a good nights sleep as well without waking up coughing. District Nurse attended this morning and Dad was well rested and she doesn't really know what caused the bout of severe breathlessness and coughing. He has been good all day and he has been very lively all day. We have also noticed today when I changed the dressing that the fungling nodule on his chest is definitely shrinking after his zap of Radiotherapy and also Dad's clavicle is not as painful as it was, so hopefully the nodule that had attached to this bone might be shrinking as well. I know it is only small things and none of these are long term cures but at least it keeps Dad in a positive frame of mind. I do believe keeping him occupied and positive is vital.

    Once again many, many thanks for all your kind assistance it is really comforting and reassuring and I do wish you all the very best. Not sure what I would do now without this site.

    Take care.
    Best wishes.