Cold caps, wigs, bandanas...any advice?


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Cold caps, wigs, bandanas...any advice?

No. of entries: 53 | Posted on 26 Aug 2011 09:27
  • Hi everyone, 

    Just hoping some of you lovely people out there could give me some guidance as I am going to have chemo which should start mid October (got 6 weeks radio therapy first).  I will be having 6 cycles altogether and the drugs they will be administering are Paclitaxel and Carboplatin.  I have been told by my Dr that I will definately lose my hair and whilst I have pretty much got my head around the idea, my children (my 14 year old daughter in particular) haven't. I have heard from different sources that a cold cap could help prevent the inevitable, but it seems pretty hit and miss; I wondered if this is due to chemo drug type?...has anyone else had my combination and has success with it?  Also, I feel it sensible to source a decent wig before the dreaded day; can anyone advise on where I can buy one locally?  I live in the north of West Sussex, about 10 miles from Gatwick.  I don't really know where to start with it all and what to look for.  Also, any tips for preventing/dealing with side therapy or chemo?  Such a lot of requests...sorry!  I will try not to be such a demanding member in the future...honest!  Best wishes to all on this site; your blogs etc are inspirational and I no longer feel on my own with all this, thank you, Jennyx

  • Hi, Jenny, I have only our daughter's experience plus that of her good friend to go on......daughter did get a wig but in the end didn't ever wear it, think it didn't look that good and dwarfed her face too much, she wore scarves and bandanas......her pal who loves her still wonderful head of hair, had cold cap for her B/C treatment, it proved tough to push for it but she did keep most of her hair, though it thinned somewhat. I seem to remember that she had arguments sometimes and slight delays, but insisted. 

    Hope you get on well, and have help deciding too..........keep posting! 

  • Thanks so much for your reply...all information at the moment is helpful; there's so much to learn isn't there? I do hope your daughter and her friend are doing well?  I think I am going to take a light hearted approach to it all and take a good friend with me and we can both try on all the wigs...she has a very dry sense of humour so it should be an experience!  Hope to catch up with you again soon, Jennyx

  • Hello Jenny,

    I am in a different part of Sussex to you (East)  When I was undergoing my chemotherapy wanted to get a wig sorted before my hair fell out.  Eastbourne hospital have a list of people who they recommend for wigs.  A couple of them will come out to your house which i very handy.  The lady that sorted me out was absolutely brilliant.  A friend of mine is just undergoing chemo and you would not know any difference between the colour of her wig and her own hair.  Think u can go on the Eastbourne hospital website and get the information.  Good luck and you will be surprised how quickly your hair grows back after the chemo has finished.!

    Pauline x

  • Hi Teresa,

    Thanks for your help, particularly as you had the same combo as me for chemo. Mine is uterine cancer, but same area I guess.  Did they manage to catch yours early?  It's good that you are in remission...must be worth all the agro of side effects and no hair then! To be honest, I am only thinking of using the cold cap for my daughters sake (14yrs old)...she looked it up on the internet herself, bless her, so I know she will be really disappointed if I don't give it a go.  Do you have any children?  Sorry, if that's a sore point; I know there are many on this site that have missed the chance due to this horrible disease. It's just if you do I wondered how they took it when you lost your hair? I had heard that the wigs are free on the you get a spending allowance? I see that wigs vary so much in cost etc.

    I haven't braved the chat rooms yet...I'm still trying to find my way around the site. I'm pretty sure I have sent words of encouragement and support to completely the wrong person and I am worried I might cock up again as it were.

    Thanks again for the info...I hope we can chat again,

    Wishing you luck for your continued remission,


  • Hi Pauline,

    Thanks for your reply; I will definately give Eastbourne hospital a look. I have enlisted the support of a very good friend to come with me for a wig trying on session...she has a very dry sense of humour (as do I), so I am actually looking forward to it now. I have also been given the name of a salon in Brighton, so might try there too.

    I hope your journey hasn't been too tough and that you continue to do well; I hope to chat again soon.  In a few months I should be an old hand at all this!


  • I too have a dry sense of humour, but not appreciated by everybody!  You have got to laugh at yourself havent you?  Yes I am doing well thanks.  Nearly three years since I had my chemo.  Keep smiling!

    Love Pauline x

  • Hi Jenny,

    My wife lost her hair in the 2nd week of the fist round of Chemo. It was very sudden in that she went in the shower with a near full head of hair and came out nearly bald. She was hysterical at the time, as were her 2 daughters (21 &25) who were at home at the time. By the time I was home from work that evening, although still shocked, they were getting used to it.

    The wigs seem to be very good these days, when she went for her 2nd Chemo, and got talking with others, she was amazed how many were wearing wigs. At home she doesn't bother now and is quite comfortable around friends etc.

    So, try not to get too worked up, remember it is only transitory, and you will all get used to it. It is just another step towards getting better.

    Angus (just a bloke of course!)