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DLA for cancer patient, we must die for it....

No. of entries: 11 | Posted on 21 Nov 2008 4:24 PM

DLA for cancer patient, we must die for it....

  • Hello,

    After the surgery of my colon cancer I had C. Difficile infection(serious hospital infection...), I couldn't walk for three weeks and finaly I spent one month in the hospital. Now I have a stoma bag, I can't walk more than 5 minutes, I am incontinent partially....well, I am disable, cos I can move from my I claimed DLA....with the help of macmillan....

    Well I got it, but the lowest rate, the extrordinary amount of 17.75 a week....great....for someone who cannot go to shop, who have a restricted social life, who have to wear nappies....and and won't give you more details....

    Well I give up...DWP is rubbish....where I live, is a temporary accomodation, ther are drugs addicts, alcoholics and more....those people not only get the highest rate, about 1000 pounds a month, but also free transport, free meal from the council and so on...

    Maybe I should try drugs to get help or become alcoholic..., I don't know...I am very disapointed...

    Well, another example how the governement have a vision for cancer patients....well fortunately, I live the country next May, after my second surgery....

  • david you have to appeal this its ridiculas i don't think i'm half as bad as you and i get low rate care ( because i find it hard cooking meals for myself) and high rate mobility . i didn't have any help from mcmillian but did all of it myself with refferal to my gp and oncologist. you have to persist i'm sure you would get more on appeal, i know its a long process and frustrating but it would be worth it especially if they backdate it .
  • I agree, don't accept this, appeal - there is no way you should be on the lower rate under the circumstances!

    Best wishes

  • I totally agree APPEAL!!.
    The lower rate is absolutely ridiculous.

    Best wishes
  • It is part of this government's strategy to reduce the cost of welfare by the back door. The appeals procedure is weighted against the claimant to "tire" out people.

    Paranoid and conspiracy theorist you may think. But press on and keep bashing away at them, the more professionals you get to back your case the better.
  • my partner apealed against a negative incapacity claim . all he had to do was put down in writting why he was appealing this then went to a tribunal which he didn't have to appear at and he won and got all his money backdated
  • Thanks Guys,

    But I won't too long and when I will get the decision, I'll be abroad....
    I experienced appeal before and took more than six months to get a decision (for my income support)....governement have more the debt of those thiefs banks, wars, lords.....


  • Please please start the appeal - this is exactly what they are relying on, that people will just accept whatever is handed out to them first time. I think the place where you are living sounds horrific for anyone well, never mind someone ill with cancer. I agree that the UK has its priorities wrong. I went to a free arts workshop the other week - I was emailed about there being spare places and thought it would be interesting. In fact I found that apart from myself and another younger woman artist all the other participants were ex-prisoners or those in danger of being sent to prison. They were all bragging about how wonderful it is in an English prison, how it is "like a hotel but you just can't leave", and they have colour tv, computer games, good food, no worries about bills. "I go inside to put on weight", one man boasted. I really despaired by the end of the two hours, there had not been one mention of the word "victim" - and there wasn't any art either.... England under this government is rubbish, and I see where the money which should be going to help those in real need is being diverted. Shout LOUDLY David - you have to get moe money than that, Take care and sending hugs xxxxxxx Penny
  • j
  • Apologies for digressing off what is a serious subject, but I heard that Jack Straw our Justice Minister (he never thought about justice when he was out terrorizing Grunwick workers did he) has cancelled a comedy workshop being run for prisoners.

    Is there an election nearby they want to con their way into winning?
    Oh yes it's over 3 years since the last one so we're on the home stretch.

    My politics? errr ......... somewhat to the right of Ghengis Khan.

  • Hi there

    Sorry to hear you are being treated like this. I am coming to the conclusion that the more you try to look after yourself and be a good person the less you are supported in this country.

    The only way to get help is to be a sponger, lots of kids, don't work and milk the system for all its worth. Because you want to retain your self respect and dignity you are penalised.

    Bout time someone said lets give a helping hand to those who are making an effort.