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No. of entries: 629 | Posted on 20 Jan 2010 12:52 PM


  • It is getting beyond a joke, and has been reported a large number of times, so far no action by Admin. 

    This low-life is living an untested and unsafe peddling LIE! 

  • The posts on the threads have gone!

  • At last! 

  • Goodness me! What is going on on this site? Where have all the woodlice come from?

    I've just been reading some posts and have been totally confused by the replies as the bloggers have seemed genuine, then I realised that the other comments have been removed by admin. Goodness knows what someone else who has just joined the site must be thinking when they are reading us telling genuine people to get lost lol. It's not a laughing matter though, it is really frustrating that these low lifes can continue to get on here and post their nonsense.

    Something we will have just have to continue monitoring I guess.

    Love to all, Christine xx

  • Oh thank goodness ((((((((hugs)))))))) to all we have worked so hardxxxxxxx

  • Morning all,

    elisasmith reported.  

  • Bumping up for solidarity!

  • another bump!!!!

  • More bumping!

  • Bump Bump Bump!!!!

  • Another bump!

  • Morning Solent lady,

    Is susanwest entering the 'chat rooms' I can only find one that is asking for publications for 'Castle Hill' hospital, would you let me know if this is her?xxxxx

  • Now I see it plain and clear, the little ***********

  • Susanwest853 reported!

  • Bump with one very big arrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!x