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Highlights on chemo hair

No. of entries: 15 | Posted on 9 Mar 2009 1:00 PM

Highlights on chemo hair

  • My hair is starting to grow back after chemo. I would like to go back to my old highlights as the new hair is the natural colour (salt and pepper) but am not sure about the advice on this. Kylie Minogue looks as though she was able to bleach her hair and nice hair does give you a lift, so I would like to try it if advisable. Has anyone any experience of this themselves?
  • Hi yes I had my hair highlighted both times after chemo - they advise that you don't - but this is advice not based on any studies - someone I know had to sign a waiver with the hairdresser to avoid any possibility of them being sued should the hair fall out before the hairdresser would agree to do it! Jools x
  • Hi Jools,

    How long after chemo was the highlighting done?

    My last chemo was at the end of November - is this a long enough wait do you think?
  • But I didn't lose my hair with chemo. It worked out quite well though.

    I think you need to use a good product. If you lose your hair again, you can still go back to the wigs.



  • I waited about 6 weeks so that the hair at the root of my hair was a bit thicker (chemo means we make thinner hair until the follicles have recovered) so Id say you are fine to go ahead - just let your hairdresser know so she is aware your hair maybe fragile :o) Jools x
  • Thank you for your advice. I will wait another 4 weeks (so that will be 16 weeks in total after chemo) so it should be OK. I will let you know anyway!

    On another subject but why does my profile not show Email, Buddy etc like other peoples?Mine just shows 'Online' or 'Offline'
  • Hi Binky,
    I was told by my oncologist not to dye my hair for 6 months, however have decided to risk it, with Daniel field hair dye.other people have used it and it says on the website its safe to use even during chemo.My chemo finished on 29th Dec (carboplatin and paclitexal). Hair was blond with highlights before, now its dark grey.Have decided to dye it brown- partly because its too short for highlights.Waiting for it to arrive in the post. Hoping to go out without the wig soon after......Good luck with the highlights.
  • Hi Binky,

    I finished my chemo end of November and I have just had my hair tipped. ie they have just put a very few at the ends, I have been fine and the hair is OK. It has made me feel alot better even with a few in, so my advise would be to let the hairdresser take a look and go for it!
  • I finished my chemo in August last year and didn't lose it all cos I had the cold cap....but it has come back very different in texture, curly (was straight) and yukky colour (very dark at back and grey at front)....having been so follicley challenged I wasn't going to be mistaken for a skunk and have had several bleachy, lightening sessions. I discussed it with one of the nurses who accepted advice re delay wasn't based on research just caution. Not sure who was more or my lovely hairdresser. But all has been OK.......when one of the bleaches or toner made my head tingle a lot I did have a bit of a hyperventilate......but no worries. Just find a hairdresser you can trust....tell them what treatment you have had.....and enjoy.

    Hope it looks fab xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I lost all my hair after chemo (finished oct 08). My new hair is horrible, a dark grey streak over the top andwhite on the sides! I used a natural vegetable dye from the health food shop and dyed it myself at home. I had no problems with it and am thinking of dying it again to fix my grey regrowth.
    Good luck with it, hope it makes you feel even more beautiful...luv Carolyn :)
  • I'm just letting you know that the deed is done now - my hair was successfully bleached and trimmed into a Judi Dench style by a very nervous hairdresser. I don't really like it this short and will try to grow it but it was the colour that I hated before - at least now it's more 'normal.'
  • How lovely :o) Hope you have fun with your new style it sounds great !! Love Jools xxx
  • I decided I had gone too blonde so went to get coloured today and it is so dark I look at least 10 years a TV programme that is never gonna catch on. Sob. Can't afford to go back........

    Ho hum
  • I decided I had gone too blonde so went to get coloured today and it is so dark I look at least 10 years a TV programme that is never gonna catch on. Sob. Can't afford to go back........

    Ho hum
  • Dear me Denning - what a shame !! I liked you blonde bombshell -ish !! Never mind it will lighten with time - go sit in the sun !! Poor Denn HUG XXXXXX