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Any servicemen/women carers

No. of entries: 4 | Posted on 17 Feb 2013 10:23 PM

Any servicemen/women carers

  • Hi, my wife was diagnosed on 5th Feb 2013 with rectal cancer, she had left the RAF in December under voluntary redundancy. I am currently still serving at RAF Marham in Norfolk and wondered are there many service people here caring for a loved one?

  • Hello,

    Just wanted you to have a reply though I haven't heard of any specific Forces carers on here.....Are you able to have help from the services? Maybe SAAFA? 

    Hoping your wife (and you too) have good help through this xxx

  • Thankyou for your reply, yes we have SSAFA on board, but hoping to come across people in my situation here. All help/advice and more welcome, scary time for a couple with a young son who have been so used to being in control.

  • Yes, I know any diagnosis of cancer, especially with a youngster to cope with too, is really hard, but at least even if there are no more 'forces' folk here, there are many who can understand and are coping with work and caring at the same time. ..... This site is one where you can really tell it as it is and know you won't be judged or thought badly of, but listened to and understood where you are coming from. So please do feel you can post even if you cannot find someone with a Forces background ( I was a trainee RAF officer myself many years back as a student Occupational Therapist! But of course that is no help!) xxx