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Cancelled Chemo for the father in law!

No. of entries: 5 | Posted on 19 Dec 2012 10:55 PM

Cancelled Chemo for the father in law!

  • Hi everybody, just a little question 4 any1, Father-in-Law had 4th chemo session cancelled, he seems to be ok. Why could this be? Chemo unit rang just an hour b4 we were due to go, they said something about low levels. The only real symptoms he has had is eyelid froze in v cold weather. Does this mean chemo has been cancelled? Nurses were very vague with answers. Obviously we are very anxious as he is supposed to have 6!!

  • Hi 3.16

    My husband has had his chemo delayed a couple of times when his blood counts weren't good enough. If various blood counts, like neutrophils or wbc,  fall below a certain level it is too risky to give the chemo until the blood has recovered.  Your father in law may seem okay but if he got an infection and his blood was below the cut off marks he wouldn't have the ability to fight the infection.

    My husbands chemo was always continued once his blood counts were good enough, maybe this is what will happen with your father in law but if your questions aren't being answered keep asking them until they are!


  • Hi 3.16.

    My husband had his 2nd infusion cancelled due to low white blood cells.  The clinic gave him another date the following week to come back and have his blood taken to be tested on the Wednesday and he had his infusion the next day.  He is having 4 cycles of chemo.  Each one consists of one day of two chemos ad the second week a booster with two weeks in between cycles.  He goes tomorrow for his second booster.  Cancelling is common as chemo can lower the white blood cells quite drastically.  However in most cases they do go up to a count that can take the next cycle.  If you are worried, there will be a telephone number on your appointment letter where you can phone and speak to a chemo nurse who will reassure you.  Hope this helps. Regards  Bluefusia.

  • Hi, this is quite common as the previous folk have said. If it happens often they may consider a booster injection to increase white blood cells from the bone marrow into the blood stream just to prevent any problems. It's called G-CSF or Filgrastim. It does seem to be more commonly given in blood cancers, but can help in others too. Do phone to speak to one of his team if you get concerned, the nurses are usually very helpful. Keep posting xxx
  • Thanks for your reply, feel a little easier now. At least we can look forward to a better xmas witho9ut treatment. On a v bright note father in law is getting the best present ever!! Brand new nissan quashqai to be picked up on friday Yeah!!! Me and the better half managed to pull some strings getting extra money due to terminal diagnosis so arranged for this new car. He may not have long left but at least we managed to done something positive, he is very over the moon as we sotrted this out without him knowing. Thank u once again for replying and wish you a prosperous xmas and a very well new year. Cancer is shit!! I hate it!!!. xxx