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G-CSF injection

No. of entries: 10 | Posted on 8 Feb 2010 11:05 PM

G-CSF injection

  • Hello. My partner is being treated for non hodgkins lymphoma. After chemo I need to give him a G-CSF injection. For some reason when I did it today, when I pulled the needle out there was like a bit of fluid leakge from the injection site. is this normal or why is this? I did everything to a T like the nurse showed me...
  • Hi!

    I've done various injections on myself since I was diagnosed, and occasinally there is a bit of fluid leakage - like a little drop of fluid!

    I've also had it when nurses have done it, so I wouldnt worry :)

  • thanks !! I wanted to ring the district nurse but wanted to makre sure I wasnt over reacting



  • yeh i also have to give myself injectiongs to keep my neutraphil count up, and yes at times the fluid does come back out the hole... lol...

    i wouldnt worry to much

    emma x

  • thanks !~
  • Hi Izzy,

    What a nice lady you are. My wife and daughter banished me to the closet and I had to do them myself. Mind you I think I probably preferred it that way. Don't remember leaks, but my sturdy physique makes it difficult to see the wounds.

    Hope your partner's treatment is going OK. Is he coming up for a stem cell harvest or is this just a white cell booster that I didn't get.

    I'm a chemo for nhl veteran, but now negotiating the return to work.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Adam thank you so much your post, how kind !! Yeh Im doing ok with it, not as scary as it was the first few times This is for a white cell booster - he has Non Hodgkins lymphoma and often day 10-12 after chemo the white blood cells take a bit of a dip however last time they were ok this time around, thanks to the injection! TOUCH WOOD the white cells stay ok for this session. Thanks for your post!
  • I had them as white cell boosters after infections. The bone ache wasn't much fun.

    Hope things are still progressing


  • ooo you lot are sooo way could i give myself those faint / throw up just opening the packet up....district nurse came and did mine, and then i kept my eyes closed all the time.....o yes i sure got aching bone syndrome but they gave me something to help with that....

  • When I had G-CSF, the district nurse did the injections for me (too complicated with all the preparation!).  However, I now have to have daily injections for the next 6 months because of clots in my lung, so I have learned to do these myself in order to keep a little independence.  I've also noticed that quite often a drop of fluid comes out of the hole when I remove the needle but I haven't worried about it!  Good luck - it's horrid to have to inject yourself but I think it must be much worse to inject someone else!