insomnia and worry

Breast cancer for the under-50s

Breast cancer is far less common in the under-50s, but this can leave younger people with a diagnosis feeling isolated. This group is a place for them to get together, share experiences and support each other.

insomnia and worry

No. of entries: 17 | Posted on 08 Oct 2012 04:54
  • Hi,

    I have just joined today (well this eve) and wonderred if therei is anyone out there with insomnia?

    I was diagnosed in May this year nad had a bouble masectomy in June..... I am not sure whther I am dealing with this ok as I have only told a few people and have only had 5 nights sleep since then.




  • Hi topcat

    I'm so sorry your to hear your struggling but please don't think your alone in feeling worried and we are here for you at all times so please don't hesitate to talk.

    there is no set way of dealing with this terrible thing that quite frankly takes over our lives. 

    Have you spoken to your nurse to air out your worries and thoughts? they can also help with sleeping problems, i think if you can conquer the sleep problems the worry will ease too.

    there is so much to deal with throughout all of the treatments, i haven't had surgery yet but its coming up and it terrifies me but is worse when i am tired.

    If you don't want to talk to many people use this little family here to help, please don't do it alone 


    J x

    Fighting the Fight xx

  • Thanks jessie,

    i have only just joined this online chat but wish i did it months ago......

    I havnt spoken to my nurse as she was quite rude to me when we were discussing sursery. i said i would just have the implants as there wasnts enough fat to do both breasts and then she informed me that I wasnt having cosmetic surgery!!!!! it culminated in the fact that she had lost over 15 stone in weight and she indeed wanted breast cosmetic surgery as she stated hers were empty bags! i have been unable to really talk to her about it all since then.

    You are right, it is also really worse when i am tired but nice knowing i am not alone. x


  • Hi topcat,

    I don't have insomnia currently but did suffer a bit with it a few years back following a relationship breakup.  It was horrible and really does effect every aspect of life because your mind starts working differently when sleep deprived.  Apart from the night after my diagnosis when I didn't sleep at all I've always managed to get a good few hours every night.  I have told everyone about my diagnosis and I do find that for me this helps to make the whole thing feel less stressful.  Most people do survive this disease and I reckon that as long as I feel reasonable fit and well (give or take some chemo SEs) then I might as well let myself feel as relaxed and happy as possible.  No one knows the future so I try not to spoil today with worries about tomorrow.  Things that help to relax  me include listening to music (and making playlists of favourite tracks), a good cry, looking at photos of happy times, yoga, making Pinterest boards.

    Is your bedroom as relaxing as it can possibly can be?  After diagnosis I got myself some new bedding, cushions and some bits and bobs to make it into a little sanctuary of relaxation. Also make sure it is as dark as possible (you can get cheap blackout blinds you cut to size from Ikea).  Use some relaxing essential oils - either wipe the radiator with some or drops on the pillow.  I like lavender and clary sage.

    All the best and hope you can get some sleep soon.

    Nicola x

  • That is awful to hear you have been treated that way!!


    Never mind what she says this is your body, you decide what you want and actually in some sense it is cosmetic to do the reconstruction and who is to decide what is the right or wrong decision. i found a similar frustration when i was treated like a doctor had made my decision for me and i was furious.

    I wouldn't want to talk to her either and its heartbreaking to hear you have been spoken to like that when you have this to deal with this, isn't a choice. I would ring and see if there is another nurse you can speak to and of course there is here.

    Its so difficult expressing how to feel when some things seem bigger to deal with, i think my nurse thinks i'm crazy sometimes cos i ramble on about literally everything that pops into my head, but you know what it helps so I can always help as much as possible!

    Never alone!

    Fighting the Fight xx

  • Thanks Jessie,

    I know, I thinks thats why I havnt talked to anyone about it since....that and the fact that I still find it hard to believe. I just kind of got on with things and am not sure whtehr i have really began dealing with it....apart form when I see myself in the mirror! I still have more surgery as they now need to change the implants as I have been having trouble with them and they are also going to replace my nipples (they banked them under my arms to keep them alive and will replace them when all surgery done) !

    You have really helped me jessie and am now only realising that I am not alone in these expereinces and maybe it is ok to moan alittle?????

    Thankyou so much honey, how are you managing? x


  • everyone needs a moan and if there is a time to be able to we have every right to its now! 

    i totally understand what you mean about not knowing if your dealing with it "right" or at all and believing it is a totally different kettle of fish, i was so confused about what to think etc that i actually asked my chemo nurse if people get like post traumatic stress cos from being diagnosed to treatments all you can think is whats coming up not whats happening .. if that makes sense.

    I finished chemo on friday and found myself crying last night thinking what the hell has just happened these past weeks!!

    I was diagnosed end of may and to be honest everything happened so fast i kept saying to them just get on with it i haven't got time for this as i have just turned 5 year old son.

    everything moved from week to week and i found i needed it to its almost like keeping busy so for the past 23 weeks or so my agenda has been appointments.

    I have never felt so alone when i was diagnosed and no matter how many family members or friends i spoke to its not the same unless they been through it. they can only listen. I have found this online community prob the best place to talk.

    I manage ok i think i found myself worrying about the family more then anything and how they cope, I have 3 beautiful older sisters and they find it difficult because i'm younger and i my parents of course find it so hard


    sometimes i feel like i sound patronising so please tell me if i do... i don't mean to 


    J x


    Fighting the Fight xx

  • Thanks Nicola,

    i have never had insomnia before and probably thats why i find it so difficult?

    i still havnt told more than a hanful of people but maybe i should. I just thought i could sort it and get over it but I am finding i am more upset about it now than maybe i was before?



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