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So upset

No. of entries: 9 | Posted on 23 Apr 2013 9:47 PM

So upset

  • Hello everyone, im new to this so please bare with me. I feel i need to speak to people who understand what i am feeling and going through as i have friends and family but need to talk with people who have experienced this terrible situation or been effected througj a family member. My dad (my world) got told he had stage 2 hodgkins lymphoma, a year gone november (2011) got told he would have chemo and radiotherapy and it should go as its stage 2. Unfortunatly this was not successful and is now havin intense chemo and them stem cell transplant. If that fails then bone marrow transplant. Feeling very scared and horrible to hear him say how terrified he is, also worrying about money. Stressed!! Thanks for taking the time to read. Nic x
  • Hi Nic , my Dad who is also my world was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with aggressive lung cancer with no cure. He starts palliative chemo tomorrow & I'm terrified! My dad is strong & brave & I'm holding it together but inside I'm broken, I hate this disease so much.....I really hope your Dads treatment goes to plan without any problems - although we are fighting different cancers we are daughters who love our dads so I'm here anytime & good luck on your journey xx Clare xx
  • Hi Nic I know how u feel too. And yes it is horrible. Sorry to hear abt your Dad, my Dad is also got terminal kidney cancer, spread to his lungs. There's no cure. So he takes a tablet form of chemo everyday until it stops working. The advice that I would give to you is, cry when you need to, letting it out really does make you feel better and just try and enjoy every moment that you can! We have had lots of little trips out, meals out. Mum And dad have just bought a caravan, so hoping for lots of little camping weekends to come, for us to make lots of happy memories ! Sending lots of love xxxx
  • Hi I have lung cancer and I am on Pallative chemo every 3 weeks , after being told I have 9 to 12 months left . That was 3 years ago and the chemo is managing the tumours. It also helps to stay positive and have a good outlook . I've had various setbacks over that time , but am still here still strong , and sometimes forget I'm ill .hope all goes well for your dad .
  • Wow your story is amazing & has given me so much more positivity so thank you & I hope the rest of your treatment goes well. Hope to keep in touch on here as I may need more advice as we start this journey x Clare x
  • Sorry to hear this Clare. Yes although its different cancers we will be feeling the same, its a relief to finally talk to someone who understands. People try to be nice and think they no how we feeling, however they dont. They are only trying to help but i knew i needed to talk to someone dealing with the same thing. Dont no why i havnt done it sooner. I hope your dad is ok. My dad isnt a very positive thinker. Although hes been told that many different things im not surprised. Xx always here to talk xx
  • Stuey how inspiring it is to read what youve gone through. You are fighting fit and keeping strong, wish my dad had your attitude. And cloud 88 its nice to talk to people whos experiencing the same suffering of a dad in this terrible situation. People like you all keep me positive. Very much appreciated and here to talk anytime stuey, cloud88 and clare xx
  • Hi Nic,

    I'm sorry to hear about your Dad.

    If you post in the group for NHL - Non Hodgkins Lymphoma you will get advice and support from people who have been through stem cell transplant.

    It may be worth your Dad talking to a financial advisor at Macmillan who could explain what help may be available. The number is 0808 808 0000 open 9am to 8pm, weekdays.

    Good luck, and I hope the transplant is successful.

    Well done for being there for your Dad, he will need your support more than ever.


  • Thankyou i have joined the group. Has been easier already in just 24hours of joining this site, just through talking to you all. I will pass the number over to my dad and we will see if he can get financial help as its causing concern for him. Thanks for your help Colin. Nic xx