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should he be drinking whilst having chemo?

No. of entries: 5 | Posted on 8 Dec 2012 11:17 PM

should he be drinking whilst having chemo?

  • Enter your message...Hi, I have just joined the group. my husband found out he had bowel cancer after a biopsy was taken from a part of his bowel during an open for diverticulitis. it was a massive shock for us both. He has had 2 lots of chemo, his next one is Tues. He has chemo every other week. Luckily, he has had only slight side effects (tired, sore tummy and awful wind!!)  As he's feeling ok he thinks it's ok to drink, a bottle of red wine three times a week!! I am worried that he's not getting the full effect of the chemo by drinking so much tho. Does anyone know what affect his drinking will have? Do hope someone can help. He won't listen to me. 

  • Hi Bramble

    I am just sat here rather aptly, drinking wine x

    My husband is also being treated for bowel cancer and has had 12 sessions of chemo.  He is now taking a three month break

    As a keep drinker of wine he asked the question about drinking whilst on chemo and was told to leave off it for the 48 following chemo.  He was told it lessens the effect of the chemo.

    May be worth asking one of the nurses whilst he is present.  

    Hope this helps in some way.


    Sending you big hugs and I''ll raise my glass to you both

    With love


    Estelle X

  • Hi again Bramble


    I also meant to say, try posting also in a group called Carers Only where you'll find a lot of support from people who are going through the same experience.


    Estelle X 

  • Hi BrambleMy partner has had bowel cancer for ten years and five long chemo sessions of varying lenghts. He never touched a drop during his chemo sessions, but does drink wine and/or whiskey when not on chemo. Think its best to stop during chemo. May be you or your husband could mention it to the consultant next time you go to double check.


  • Depends on the chemo whether drinking (at all) is OK - but I'd be surprised if a whole bottle in one go is recommended!  I've been told I'm OK to have the odd glass of wine during chemo - but that's a glass rather than a bottle...  In my case, the concern with drinking more would be the effect of alcohol + chemo on my liver.