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sunblock cream on prescription...

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this is an extract from an e mail i received from my macmillan nurse this morning... i had asked a few things about what i can get on prescription etc but also if i can get high protection skin cream... lots of people told me on here that they did so i thought no harm in asking.... this is the reply...

anyone feel like commenting?

have a good evening.... peter

I totally agree that sunblock should be prescribed for patients with skin cancer however, in the British National Formulary sun screen is available on prescription for patients with photosensitive skin conditions, not skin cancer! This is my personal bug bear too, I think the whole issue of sunscreens being a cosmetic ( or borderline substance if prescribed) rather then a medicine, allows companies to charge high prices, sun screens should be exempt from VAT. We are working on it through APPGS ,(all party parliamentary group on skin) and I have just become member of a advisory board for CRUK - sun smart campaign. Some GP's will prescribe for you though so it is worth trying.

  • Aaaah... I expected so much, I haven't actually tried to obtain sunscreen on prescription myself, I'm going to have a go on Tuesday, but I expect that my GP will fall firmly in the camp that won't prescribe it, after all I don't even have cancer (according to him), which is perhaps true, but still at high risk of recurrence.  I'll let you know how I get on. Marsha xx
  • just a quick comment, i had 5 seperate prescriptions given me by the hospitals and my gp,for a spray i needed weekly, i kept telling them i couldnt get it, sent to boots with another prescription, the lady checked her book, not available on prescription, you can buy it 8 quid a time.consultants were not amused at this and neither was i, so all the best and good luck .
  • thanks marsha,,, ski... more ammuniton for my article i am writing for the newspapers... thats if they show interest... peter x
  • Hi Peter, I think it all comes down to luck - whether your GP is happy enough to prescribe it & which one they do prescribe. My GP (who is quite young) had never prescribed it for a skin patient before, only those with severe skin complaints but she was happy to prescribe mine. The brand she prescribed is Delph which is provided to the Armed Forces. It's sold at Superdrug & so they supply it on prescription there & at Boots.  My GP said that if I wasn't happy with the brand she would prescribe a different one so she is most obliging! Unfortunately it sounds like Ski was prescribed something difficult to obtain. I wish you & Marsha luck with your GPs! Angie x
  • I have just had a call from my GP surgery. The receievd my request for the sun block and called the Melanoma Clinic and spoke to the surgeon who did my operation. He has said that I have to pay for sunblock....! if anyone gets it on rx then you are indeed lucky! Peter
  • Just checked on the UK Drug Tariff register, Delph and Uvistat are the only sun protection creams available on prescription and as your nurse mentions are "borderline" items only to be prescribed for people with photosensitive skin conditions.  I know that some photosensitive skin conditions can be very debilitating and painful, but we'd be eligible if we had vitiligo or cold sores, so why not cancer? Oh well, good job Boots has a BOGOF on sun protection creams! Marsha x