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not waving but drowning

by minima

Trying to be supportive to recently-widowed mother while suffering from long-term depression myself

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  • feeling small

    Oh dear, how I need a hug right now. A big, squashy one from somebody who loves me and understands. Well, obviously that's not going to happen in the 3D world! Husband has gone out to the pub with his mate to watch football and will go on a long walk with him and Wee Dug for most of tomorrow. My kids choose not to have anything to do with their...
  • october again

    It's a year since my father was admitted to hospital.While there, he had a scan. Then he went straight into palliative care in a hospice. Then after about a fortnight he died. Cancer is shit.
  • scattering ashes again: different ashes

    Talk about, it never rains but it pours... On Tuesday this coming week, my dear mama will be scattering my father's ashes. Next weekend, we may be scattering the ashes of father-in-law. That's all. I seem to remember reading in the book, The Shipping News , of a relative tipping ashes into an outside toilet. Funny the things that pop into one's...
  • scattering ashes

    It's been ten months, nearer eleven, since my father died and all this time his ashes have been sitting on a shelf in the undertaker's cupboard while my mother decided what she wanted to do with them. My mother and I do not have an easy relationship: we don't 'do' feelings, for example, never have. This week, sherang up and announced...
  • secret baby picture

    New baby Isaac or maybe Zach (to be confirmed). Born 11.9.12, 9lbs. Cuddles with proud grandad J. Not allowed to post pictures to facebook, so you haven't seen this. ok? x x x