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Benefits webchat – 29 August

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Sarah Presto and Heidi Leach, Macmillan benefits advisers

Questions about benefits? Benefits advisers Sarah and Heidi will be answering your questions live in our chatroom on Thursday 29 August from 12-1pm.  

There are lots of different benefits that may be available to people affected by cancer - including Disability Living Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, Carers’ Allowance, and Housing Benefits. What you are eligible for depends on a whole range of factors, and it can be really tricky to figure it out. 

Macmillan benefits advisers like Sarah and Heidi are here to help. 

To take part in next week’s chat, join us in the chatroom between 12 and 1pm on Thursday 29 August. 

Or, if you can’t make it, post your question in the comments below and I’ll ask it for you. I’ll publish all the questions and answers on our webchat transcripts page after the chat. 

You can also speak to a benefits adviser by calling the free Macmillan Support Line on 0808 808 0000 (Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm).

  • Hi i am at present a carer for my partner she had a stroke last year so i gave up work to look after her. We get d.l.a. and e.s.a. housing benefit and we have a mobility car. I also get paid to look after her via social services. She has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer, we don't know how long it will be. So i am worried i will lose all "our" benefits and our rented home because it is 2 bedroom and i won't be able to afford to stay here, plus i will have no there anything i can do???