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Oesophagus (gullet) cancer webchat – Wednesday 8 May

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John Newlands and Carol Goodman, Cancer Information Nurse Specialists

If you have questions about cancer of the oesophagus, join our specialist nurses live in the chatroom from 12-1pm on Wednesday 8 May. 

The oesophagus, or gullet, is the long muscular tube that moves food from the mouth down to the stomach. Cancer can happen anywhere along the length of the oesophagus. 

John Newlands and Carol Goodman are specialist information nurses from our Macmilllan Support Line. In next week’s webchat, they’ll be answering questions on topics such as symptoms, diagnosis, types of oesophagus cancer and difficulties eating. 

To take part, just join us in the chatroom between 12 and 1pm on Wednesday 8 May. 

Or, if you can’t make it, post your question in the comments below, and I’ll ask it for you on the day. All the questions and answers will be published here on the blog after the chat. 

You can also speak to a nurse like John or Carol on the free Macmillan Support Line (0808 808 0000, Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm).

  • I cant get into chat room keeps saying im an anonamous user yet it says im logged in as mammy bear fed up now trying to
  • I cant get into chat room keeps saying im an anonamous user yet it says im logged in as mammy bear fed up now trying to
  • Hi mammybear,  I'm really sorry to hear you've been having some troubles with chat, of course it must be incredibly frustrating. Could you get in touch with us with some more details? The more we know, hopefully, the quicker we'll be able to get things sorted for you. Drop a line to describing exactly what you did, what you saw and include any error messages. If you could also let us know what internet browser you're using, and what version it is, that would really help. If you need help in working this out, this link has more information:
  • will have to wait till someone home as im not sure but its windows 7 ive logged in and its showing my name etc but wont let me go on chat rooms sorry not realy understand computers usually just used to log in go on community and hit chat and id be there on