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Benefits webchat – Thursday 13 December

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Peter McLaughlin and Sarah Presto, Macmillan Welfare Rights Advisers 

Come and chat live to our friendly Welfare Rights Advisers Sarah Presto and Peter McLoughlin next Thursday lunchtime. They’ll be answering your questions about benefits for people living with cancer.

Money worries are the last thing you need when you’re facing the toughest fight of your life. However, many people who are diagnosed with cancer see an impact on their finances, either through a drop in income, increased costs, or both. 

There are a range of different benefits available to people living with cancer, but it can be a minefield trying to work out what you are eligible for and how to apply. That’s why our Welfare Rights Team are here to help.

To ask your questions to Sarah and Peter, join us in the chatroom from 12-1pm on Thursday 13 December. Or, if you can’t make the chat, post your question below, and I’ll ask it for you. All the questions and answers will be published here on the Community News Blog after the chat.

To speak to a Welfare Rights Adviser like Sarah or Peter one-to-one, you can also call freephone 0808 808 0000 (Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm).

  • id like to know if theres any way people suffering with incurable cancer can get assisitance with dental treatment an eye test an glasses , my partner earns just too much for us to be on a low income but we are struggling to come to terms with just one income , when we have always had two good incomes coming in , just recently i had to pay a £268 dental bill an have more dental work to come in the new year i also need my eyes testing an new glasses but will just have to manage with the ones i have 
  • I'd like ask why there appears a big discrpancy between SHA's in respect to the Cancer Fund , with some areas funding certain drugs/treatments (eg SIRT) and some (including the EAST MIDLANDS) not providing the funding of potentially benificial treatments/drugs? We're supposed to be "all in it together".If funding is turned down, where can you go to source alternative funding if your savings/equity won't cover treatment/drug costs privately?
  • Hi tina and dsmillie, Sorry you won't be able to join us for the webchat next week, but we'll ask your questions on your behalf. Remember to look out for the transcript to see the answers. Laura 
  • Dear Laura, I will be having a wide excision and a sentinel lymph node biopsy on Thursday so I won't be here to ask questions. So I live and hour and half away from the hospital where i will be having treatment and follow ups. I don't work i live with my husband who earns under 18,000 and we have two children a four year old and an eight year old. Is there anyway that we would be entitled to some travel expences as petrol is very expensive and every time i go to the hospital its a 3hour trip. Thanks