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Guest blog: JuliaF Moves More - part 1

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JuliaF is a community member who’s blogging for us about the challenges of getting back into physical activity after cancer treatment.


Well it’s official – I am nearly 50 and have middle age spread...

So when the opportunity to do this blog arose, I jumped at the chance because I NEED MOTIVATING!

I am 8 months after my last chemotherapy for Stage 3c  ovarian cancer and have recovered well. I am being closely monitored and the question of diet and exercise crops up at every check-up meeting.  Famous last words from last year: ‘I’ll never grumble about my weight again – I’ll just be happy to be here’.  Well, I am grumbling now...

I have been finding reasons not to exercise (and that is from a person who used to exercise 5 hours a week religiously!) - too tired, need to concentrate on returning to work, don’t have time, have to do more stuff with friends and family, yada yada.  My medical professionals told me that my previous good health, diet and exercise routine has helped me fight the cancer and aided my quick recovery afterwards so I really should not be making any more excuses.

I haven’t been sofa surfing the WHOLE time. I actually managed some decent exercise only weeks after my TAH op and did my first step class between my second and third chemos.

So, here goes, I have booked into a Spin class on Saturday at my gym, Virgin Active (they are supporting me all the way!), with my favouritest instructor Paul, and will give it my best efforts. Will let you know how it goes...

If you need some help getting more physically active during or after cancer treatment, download a Macmillan Move More pack.

  • Good luck Julia xxxx
  • Good luck Julia. Gosh! That looks like hard work. Colin xxx
  • Well done Julia, hope its going well, was thinking of getting an exercise bike !!  Ruby xxx
  • Good luck with it Julia...  Once I can drive and move  a bit again, I'll be back at the gym chasing you on that bike! But by the looks of it, I'll never catch you! Little Myxxx
  • Hi Julia, What a fab Idea, and yes we need this more, am 12 months of chemo gone now and with the testosterone injections am having folr life now have put loads of weight on and become totally unfit and in Desperate need of motivation, I wonder if there ae any groups in either north or south manchester I can join, I have renewed my membership but need gym buds or I wont go!! sounds bad but NEED MOTIVATION like you. Good Luck Mark X
  • Good luck Julia and thanks for the blog.  I too just need a bit of a push to get motivated.  I was quite active before cancer and really tried to get fit before my op and also after it to strengthen my abdomen for my stoma, but I'm definitely in a rut at the minute. Take care Jan x
  • Good morning! How do you feel after yesterday? Hope it went well and probay exhausting but gave you a sense of achievement? And if it didn't it should have done, well done :-). I am very stiff this morning but made it to pool this morning but not for long as a would have drowned and b need to get picnic ready for today in Richmond park. Day off tomorrow I feel?! Have a great day and well done xxx
  • Hope all's well with you Julia, I admire your grit & determination - from the sofa! xxx 
  • Morning, my dears - yes all well in Julia world! I suppose I'm a bit cheaty really as managed to do small amount of exercise throughout the worst of my cancer so yesterday was not such a shock to the system! No aches, just the requirement for some extra sleep this morning (either that or I'm just plain lazy!). Plans for today - well, checking up on you lot (!), a walk around Ilkley, will try and get down onto the riverbank for a bit, washing and ironing, cooking Herman the German, and an early night as I am working in Middlesborough tomorrow and have to get up at silly o'clock. (Annie, can send you some exercises to do on the sofa, if you're interested........) Sunny hugs, everyone! XXXXXXX  
  • Well done julia...i too had OC. i am now 19 months in remission. Mine was stage 2A.  In the last year i have lost 1 and a half stone. Exercise and healthy eating. I think this is so important to stay as healthy as possible. Motivation and positiveness is the key. So pleased for you. I always feel very close to others that have OC.             Best wishes and hugs Teresa x
  • Fair play to you julia,looks like you doing really well,keep positive And give it all you got.behind you all the way,good luck and loads of hugs to you xxdebsterxx