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The hidden cost of hospital parking

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Do you pay for hospital car parking when you attend hospital appointments or receive treatment?

New research by Macmillan shows many of us are being charged and some of us are being charged the full price to use hospital car parks.

I've blogged about Macmillan's campaign on the cost of hospital parking and how you can campaign for better value in your area. You can read my blog here.

Don’t sit back. It’s time to call a halt on hospital car park charges.

P.S. If you're living with cancer and struggling with the cost of hospital parking, the Macmillan team is here to make sure you don't face it alone. To find out how Macmillan can help, visit

  • Hi, I have to attend The Royal Wolverhampton Hospital (New Cross), if you go there for treatment (chemo or radiotherapy), they will stamp your card, so it only costs one pound regardless of how long you are there, which is really good. However when attending for bloods and to see oncologist for appointments, this isn't done as they say you would have to attend and pay if you were seeing a different type of doctor. So, this system is better than nothing.
  • Hi floridachick. Thanks for your comment. I agree - the system you describe is better than nothing. But it's still inconsistent and unfair. You wouldn't be attending an appointment with the oncologist or getting bloods tested if you weren't receiving the treatment you need as a cancer patient. As cancer patients we often have to attend a lot of hospital appointments and we shouldn't be out of pocket because we have to pay hospital car parking charges. This campaign is one way of making sure cancer patients can get the support they need.
  • I had no idea until recently how much the charges differ from one area to another.  The hospital where I had my cancer treatment does give free parking to all cancer patients.  However I have had to attend other hospitals for scans etc and they have had no arrangements in place.  What else I discovered was that the free parking at my hospital only came into force when I had an official diagnosis.  So all the weeks beforehand of hospital visits for suspected cancer wasn't covered.  There is certainly the need for a fair system that is the same all over the country. 
  • Hi Margaret853. Thanks for your comments. I was really surprised too when I found out how much hospital car parking charges vary across the UK. Thanks to Macmillan's research we do now know! Have you got a copy of the campaigns pack? It's got lots of ideas about how you can campaign for better value in your area.
  • I've been very fortunate that the hospital my husband is attending issues a free permit upon cancer diagnosis plus a free space guaranteed for when he is visiting to have RT. This can be used by any car transporting him too. I hadn't realised it was not a national policy though. My friend attends a hospital where they used to have to pay but also you have to put in your reg number so you cant even be sneaky and use someone elses ticket, as used to be the case.