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Alisonshadit's blog

Alisonshadit's blog

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Its been a long time since i last wrote in my blog

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life has been so busy lately, what with my involvement in the National Cancer Surviourship Initiative and the core group for Vocational Rehabilitation, and my forth coming trip to Australia as a representative of Breakthrough Breast Cancer for the Reach for Recovery conference. Last Thursday i attended an event to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the merger of Cancerbackup and Macmillan, i met some lovely caring people who are the trustee's and donator's whose very generous financial contributions help to keep this fantastic site for people affected by cancer going. It was not difficult for me to make the speech i did, it came straight from the heart, i have been involved with this site since before it became what it is now, myself and a few others used to make sure that anyone who posted on the old forum that they got a more prompt reply to their posts, then six of us test drove the new site just before its launch at the beginning of March 2008, i will always be proud that the six of us helped to shape what this site has now become, and now, just over a year later, well, i am so happy that i have met some of the people off here face to face, and yes, some of them have passed away, but its not with sadness that i remember them, its the way that they still offered words of support and help to those who needed them, even though they were near their own end of life journey in their own cancer that has me remembering them as the most lovely caring people. fond memories are held in my heart. Anyway, i just wanted to say all this, and long may this supportive, informative, caring site continue. lots of love to you all Alisonxxx
  • that was a lovely blog ,i understand what you mean when you said that you remember the people who passed away ,with love & affection & there ability to still be there for other's when they knew that their own journey was near the end. i applaud you for being involved with the site from the begining & making it what it is now . this site was my lifeline last year when i was diagnosised with breast cancer . i also didn't realise that the site was only set up in march of 08 ,because when i joined in june i thought it had been going a few years at least because it was so well established by then .i would like to thank you & every other person who was involved in making this site what it & the kind people who donate money to keep it going. this site was my comfort blankie if you like when i found out i had breast cancer. the people who answered my pleas for help were my saviour's even though many were despratley ill them self 's & as you say these are the one's who have sadley passed away their names are & always be etched in my heart . take care alison & for all your hard work with break through cancer i cannot thank you enough . i am doing the race for life this year in huddersfield on june 28th i will put the name's of the friend's off here that who are sadley no longer here & i like to think that way they will be running with me love n hug's theresa xxx