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  • Blog Post: A Success Story

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  • Blog Post: My Diary update of a Mesothelioma Survivor Ray has a publication sent to him
  • Blog Post: Mesothelioma Survivor an update I do get wound up about Christopher Booker grrr
  • Blog Post: The diary of a mesothelioma Survivor 51st Wedding Anniversary i have updated my Blog Today we have been married 51 years –I made it!! I love all the goals I set myself as it is just great as they pass by.
  • Blog Post: My Blog update for a Mesothelioma Survivor had a good time at hamble for almost a week as I have to get some holiday in before i start the ADAMS Trial
  • Blog Post: Mesothelioma survivor My Diary update I have updated my blog today Mavis
  • Blog Post: My granddad has cancer.

    I am new here, my name is Sam I am 26 and an art teacher and my dear granddad was diagnosed with cancer on tuesday. He has been unwell for quite some time, loss of appetite, a cough, loss of weight and generally not feeling as active as normal. He is 85 years young, my rock, my icon, my guide and...
  • Blog Post: Blog Update My wonderful Whitstable

    Blog Update My wonderful whitstable and Kent Strawberries Trying to relax before Fridays Trip to St barts
  • Blog Post: Update of my diary as a Mesothelioma Survivor Updated again for today
  • Blog Post: My Blog update --The Diary of mesothelioma The day started very early as I wake up at 5am nowadays, up with the Lark, only its actually my blackbird that flies around at dawn. He...